How to Manage Calla Lily Summer

Calla lily is a summer flower, and the leaves of the calla lily are gradually wilting after blooming in April and May. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. After the leaves are yellow, the pots should be placed on the sides so as to avoid rain and promote dormancy. After entering the summer, the pot was removed and stored in a cool, ventilated place. In early September, the weather turns cold, and you can pick up thick and budding bulbs. The number of planting bulbs depends on the size of the basin, generally 1 to 2 for 18 cm pots, 2 to 3 for 21 to 24 cm pots, and 3 to 4 for 27 to 30 cm pots. Potted soil should be a little thicker, more water after planting, sprouting leaves after about 10 days.

Calla lily light, hi fertilizer, potted flowers should be fully accepted during the growth of the sun, apply fertilizer every 10 days or so, in February after the application of phosphate fertilizer to promote bud initiation. Calla lily is warm and chilly. It can be watered during the growing season, avoiding drought in the basin. The temperature drops afterwards in late October. It should move into the indoor sunny place. After spring, calla lily can bloom pure white flowers.

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