Causes and Prevention of Peach Fruit Dropping

During the fruit drop period peach fruit drop generally has 3 periods. The first stage fruit drop was in 1 to 2 weeks after flowering, and the non-inflated ovary was dropped, mainly due to lack of pollination and fertilization conditions, incomplete flowering or degeneration of the pistil. The appearance of this phenomenon was mainly due to poor management during the summer of last year, which affected the differentiation of flower buds and the formation of flower organs, or pollen infertility, low germination rate, and lost fertility. The second phase of fruit drop was 3 to 4 weeks after flowering. At this time, the ovary has inflated, mostly due to incomplete fertilization, impaired embryo development, young fruit lacking the hormones supplied by the embryos, or due to rainy weather during flowering, affecting pollination, or lack of oxygen during the flowering period, the embryos lack protein supply and stop development. Can cause drop. The third period is the young fruit that has been fertilized. During the development process, the fruit is dropped due to the development of the embryos. This period is mostly from early May to early June. Positive embryos and shoots are in full growth and require a lot of growth. During the period of nitrogen, due to insufficient supply of nitrogen or oversupply, the new shoots grew too prosperous, taking away the nutrients needed for fruit development, resulting in embryonic lack of nutrients and halted development and fruit drop.

Preventive measures The following measures can be taken for the fruit-loss period and causes of peach trees to increase the fruit-setting rate of peach trees. After the harvest of autumn fruits, the management of fertilizer and water, the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, the improvement of nutrient conditions of trees, the promotion of flower bud differentiation, and the improvement of the quality of flower buds have been strengthened. This is an effective method for fruit drop caused by incomplete development of pistil. As for the lack of pollination, pollination trees should be configured, or bees and artificial pollination should be adopted in orchards. To prevent late fruit drop, it is necessary to focus on the proper supply of fertilizer and water before hard nucleus and regulate the use of nitrogen fertilizer, not too much not too little; during the rainy season, timely drainage, prevent water accumulation in orchards, timely soil management, and improve root growth conditions; Summer pruning prevents shoots from becoming long, improves lighting conditions in the crown, and increases photosynthesis in leaves. In addition, we should pay attention to pest control and prevent early defoliation. In addition to strengthening the comprehensive management of Taoyuan, the application of 2,4-D, gibberellin and other plant growth regulators after anthesis can also increase the fruit setting rate and prevent peach fruit falling.

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