Rieger Begonia summer maintenance

When summer arrives, many people like to grow indoor plants at home, not only decorating their homes, but also benefiting the health of their families. However, some people are busy with work. They are too lazy to water for ten days and a half. They are allowed to dry until they die. However, some water them every day, even several times a day, so that poor flowers and plants are drowned. How can I properly water plants?
The reporter learned from the teacher of the city's flower seedling service center that this season, indoor plants do not have high water requirements, and it is best not to water every day. According to the different plant species, the watering time interval varies. The easiest way is to dry the soil on the plant pot and water it. In general, the plants in the western sun room can be watered once every five or six days, while in the western sun room, the soil can dry faster and the watering interval can be appropriately shortened.
Experts suggest that since indoor air is not always circulated enough, it is best not to place water-borne plants that are prone to breeding mosquitoes. At the same time, plants that do not require too much sunlight should be selected. Plants exhale oxygen during the day and exhale carbon dioxide at night, so it is best not to place plants in the bedroom. In the hot summer months, hanging a spider plant near the window can not only purify the air, but also make people relaxed and happy. Sources of Chongqing Business Daily Indoor watering of flowers and plants should not be anxious. Rieger Begonia's moist, semi-negative environment, in the hot sun and dry air, the stems and leaves are easy to wither off, so the summer should cover it 50%-60%.
Avoid high temperature Rieger Qiu Haixi likes ventilation, cold environment, not high temperature, the optimum temperature for growth is between l5 °C -20 °C, so it should be placed in a cool, ventilated place in the summer, otherwise the roots and stems are perishable. Avoid water and big fat Li Qi Begonia to fleshy stems, summer should be appropriate to control the amount of water and fertilizer, generally keep the basin soil moist, monthly application of a thin fertilizer can be. Otherwise, excessive fertilizer and water can easily cause root rot.
Avoid spraying water directly to the leaf surface at high temperature. The leaves will not evaporate in time after being contaminated with water, which may cause rot. The water may be sprayed near the basin and in the surrounding environment to maintain the local air humidity and adjust the temperature.

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