Six methods for food and feed processing

The eggshell feed collects the hatched shells from the hatchery and lays the shells on the concrete floor to dry. Summer is generally exposed for 3 days, autumn and winter is 5 days, and the stacking drying thickness is 3 to 4 cm. Before the water is evaporated, it should not be turned. When it is completely evaporated, it must be turned frequently. Crush with grinder, remove impurities, and store in a dry place.

The fly maggot feed takes 5 kilograms of soybeans, soaks and swells, and then refines the pulp, mixes with 10 kilograms of bran and forms a paste, and ferments in a cylinder or a barrel. The mouth should be closed, exposed to the sun, 3 days in summer, 1 week in autumn and winter, 20 to 30 kg of fresh quail can be produced, and 500 chickens (duck) can be eaten for 1 week.

Straw, glume of feed rice, corn, rape, sunflower, legumes and glume of bean crops, etc., contain a lot of nutrients, can be air-dried, crushed into powder, instead of part of the concentrate feed. Usage: When feeding pigs, 25%~30% can be added to the diet, and 8% can be added to the diet when feeding poultry.

Leaf feed such as pine needles, loquat leaves, mulberry leaves, etc., are good raw materials for feed. If the pine needles are made into powder and incorporated into the feed to feed livestock and poultry, it can supplement the deficiency of protein and vitamins. In chicken feed, adding 5% pine needle powder can increase egg production by 15%.

Chicken manure The dried chicken manure contains 28.7% crude protein, 13.9% crude fiber, 7.8% calcium, 2.1% phosphorus and 11.4% moisture. It is a good feed for pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens and fish. The collected chicken manure is sun dried or dried, sieved to remove sediment impurities, and then mixed with 70% dry chicken manure, 20% hay powder, and 10% bran, set in the tank or pool storage fermentation , 20 days later can be used as feed.

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