The key points of the management of water and fertilizer in wheat

The effect of getting up and spreading in the spring after the peak of tillering in spring can promote the growth of spikes from the big pods, increase the percentage of spikes, promote the expansion of the flag leaves and the inverted 2 leaves, and promote the elongation and floret differentiation between the 3rd and 4th extensional joints. Spikelets are pregnant and the number of grains per spike is increased. Therefore, it is a high-efficiency fertilizer to increase the rate of tillering and tilling.

It is necessary to rationally apply fertilizer because of the land. Super-high-yield wheat fields, do not top-dressing without watering in the green period, which is conducive to the growth of big larvae, promote the development of roots, strengthen the carbon metabolism level of wheat seedlings, and make the wheat seedlings grow steadily. High-yielding fields, strong seedlings, or winter winters with adequate fertilizer and water, and suitable groups of wheat fields, returning green manure to water can improve group structure and play an important role in obtaining high yields. In fertile lands and wheat fields with prosperous tendencies, in order to avoid too many panicles per acre, the upper middle leaves are too large, and the internodes of the base are too long to cause a situation of late lodging, it is necessary to water the top-dressing later in the process, and vice versa. The plots with de-fertilizer trend should be top-dressed and watered at the beginning. The late buckwheat planted by the unique stalk cultivation method should control the fertilizer and water at the beginning stage. Extremely hollow hollow varieties regardless of wheat seedlings strong, prosperous, weak, should be applied early to re-build body fat, pour water early.

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