Bacteria fermentation is good for feed cultivation

Fermentation with fungal culture is good for feed cultivation. With the growing mushroom industry, there are many mushroom scum (generally referred to as “membrane”) that have been abandoned during the production process. Sub-pollution sources or the formation of a huge waste, resulting in economic losses or environmental deterioration, are very detrimental to the edible fungi industry or the surrounding residents.
In fact, the so-called "garbage and waste" is only a misplaced "wealth", and mushroom scum is also no exception. Bacteria is rich in nutrients and is a good source of roughage. If fermented, it can be made into good quality feed. The nutrients in bacillary dysentery vary greatly depending on the type of edible fungus and the main cultivation materials, but the average situation is roughly as follows: the average content of crude protein is about 8%, the average content of crude fat is 0.8%, and the average crude fiber is about 17 %, nitrogen-free extracts average about 40%, but also rich in trace elements in calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other minerals. After the edible fungus is harvested, a large amount of stipe, mycelium, and mycorrhizal bacteria are left in the fungus, and it contains bacterial proteins, bacterial polysaccharides, and a large number of other active substances. Its nutrient content is almost the same as that of mushrooms and rice bran. What a pity.
If you use a goldfish feed fermentation aid to make a good feed, you can add several times. How to ferment bacillary dysentery into feed by using gold baby feed starter? It is very simple, mix materials and fermentation auxiliaries in proportion and seal for three days. The above-mentioned treatment technology has very rich nutrient residue, which is 30% higher than wheat bran. The use effect is better than that of wheat bran in both pigs and poultry. Up to 40% in fattening pig feed, up to 70% in sows, up to 20% in broilers, up to 60% in geese

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