Rice blast disease

Rice blast disease

Symptoms China's double-cropping rice area occurs from time to time. It mainly damages the late-season rice seedlings or the stem base of adult plants. The diseased part is brown, and the surface produces white silky filamentous mycelium, and many yellow-brown micro-sclerotia are formed later. Late rice seedlings become infected, causing seedlings to dry. The infected plants became infected and the diseased plants turned yellow and the whole plant withered.

The pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. called S. sclerotiorum as a fungus. Sclerotia spherical to elliptic, size 0.5-1mm, easy to take off, the surface is smooth and shiny. The sclerotia are gray and white, dense, and the cells are polygonal and spherical, with a size of 6-8 μm. The edge cells are brown, irregular and much smaller. Sub-solid layer of dense integration, white; burden stick-shaped, top small stem 4, born on their spores. The spores are spherical to pear-shaped, colorless, and are 4.5-6.73.5-4.5 (μm) in size. The sexual state is best known as Corticium centrifugum (Lv.) Bers. It is also known as C.rolfii Curzi (Saccardo), and recently named Athelia rolfsii (Curzi) Tu and Kimbrough (Punja) as Rhizoctonia, belonging to Basidiomycetes. Door fungus. The bacteria in self

However, the industry is not easy to produce. The burden was rod-shaped, with 2-4 basal stalks on the apical part of the branching mycelium, on which the basidiospores were born, the spores were pear-shaped or elliptical, and the unit cells were colorless and smooth. Taiwan had found a behavior on the Phalaenopsis.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions The pathogens can pass through the soil in winter and invade directly from the soil to the roots of the roots, bases of stems, or the leaves of plants that are in contact with the ground. In our country's double-cropping rice area, the main damage to late rice seedlings is caused by seedlings.

Control methods see rice rot.

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