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——Introduction of thermal free vacuum superconducting heating

Superconducting heating is a new technology for superconducting heat transfer and efficient heat exchange in the world today. It uses electricity, biogas, ordinary boilers, coal stoves, and solar water heaters as heat sources to overcome the old type water boiler air resistance, corrosion of water pipes, and low transmission efficiency. Three major challenges, and achieve independent temperature control, substantial savings in heating costs, and minus 40 ~ 50 °C no ice, suitable for use in any region, the service life of up to 50 years, it heat transfer at the speed of sound, thermal efficiency can reach up to 100% More than 98, energy-saving 50% -70%, is the most popular high-efficient energy-saving technology today, the new exotic superconducting fluid is playing a decisive role. The vacuum-free superconducting heating technology developed by our company is a pioneering initiative of China Superconductor. It is silent, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It can warm up in more than 30 degrees. The vacuum-free superconducting technology of our company can make the radiator produced by your factory " No repairs, quality assurance for life, because it can be used in the vacuum film due to tight seals, running gas leaks and still does not require vacuum, which is what any unit of technology can not do.

Working Principle: Superconducting liquid encounters the heat source gasification, which causes the molecules and atoms of the material to collide with each other, generate frictional heat energy, and thus agglomeration phenomenon occurs, so that the superconducting medium instantly heats up quickly, thereby achieving high-efficiency and energy-saving purposes.

Performance characteristics: high heat value, fast heating, no dust, no pollution, energy saving

â—† High calorific value: Fast heating, no fumes, no pollution, and energy conservation.

â—† The appearance is novel: noble and elegant, set functional and decorative in one.

◆Supersonic heat transfer: Radiant vacuum superconducting liquid is built in the radiator. The bromine lithium double-ion heat medium heat transfer technology made by the special process transfers heat quickly and efficiently. Its quick effect is 4 times that of copper and 10 times that of carbon steel. With a corresponding heat source, the radiator can heat up to 80°C in a matter of minutes.

â—† Waterless operation: Superconducting radiator does not use vacuum, waterless operation, water saving more than 98%, and no traditional plumbing "run", "drop", "leakage" phenomenon, once installed, life-long maintenance-free.

◆ High-efficiency and energy-saving: Starting above 30°C, energy-saving up to 70%, thermal efficiency over 98%, and several times that of ordinary plumbing. The traditional plumbing system heats up very slowly and takes about an hour to heat properly.

â—†Safety and environmental protection: It is possible to dissipate heat even when the vacuum film is not tightly sealed or run through, and no vacuum is required. It is safe, environmentally friendly and flame-retardant, and it meets fire control standards for large-scale projects.

â—† Long service life: normal use for 50 years, life-long maintenance-free.

â—†Simple production process: ordinary electro-oxygen welders can process and produce.

â—†Easy to install: The structure is simple, and it can be installed and installed without professional personnel (tube connection, no welding).

â—† It is an ideal replacement product for traditional radiators.

Vacuum-free superconducting heating and traditional water-heating table (for example, 100 square meters home)

Vacuum-free superconducting heating traditional plumbing

The installation cost is about 1000 yuan. The construction is complicated and the installation cost is about 3,000 yuan.

A small amount of electricity (auxiliary heating), significant savings in heating costs heating costs around 3,000 yuan / year

Zero emission of green coal produces large amounts of waste gas and waste residue

Intelligent control, automatic work, -40°C non-frozen in winter, easy to freeze

The use of 30 °C heat can make the radiator heat, double the thermal efficiency, can reduce energy consumption by 50%.
Requires circulating hot water above 80 °C, large heat loss, low energy efficiency

Rapid heating, a few minutes of radiator temperature can be raised to 80 °C
Slow heating, slow heat transfer, small heat transfer

Slightly modified ordinary radiator, radiator does not need vacuum, join the energy-saving vacuum superconducting liquid can be, energy saving 50% -70%, our unit transfer vacuum free superconducting heating technology, learning content including vacuum superconducting liquid Configuration and reconstruction of the radiator, on-site trial burn, to ensure that the effect of learning, technology transfer, go with school! In addition, the face of all counties and cities recruit finished products agents!

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