Broiler winter management and prevention

The winter weather is cold and dry, broilers are prone to disease, and there are many new features in the broiler disease epidemic. Therefore, strengthening feeding and management, strengthening biological safety, and doing a good job of preventing epidemics are the most important tasks for the current broiler-raising companies and farmers in their winter feeding operations.

Strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention Some breeders have poor awareness of epidemic prevention. They often work with experience, and often make their own decisions in the process of epidemic prevention and treatment. They think that as long as the chicken can grow well, it will do. In particular, reluctant to invest in the disinfection of chicken farms, in front of a disinfectant pool in the form of dummy, the concentration of drinking water more rely on their own estimates. Usually cross each other, lack of isolation awareness. Therefore, it is imperative to increase awareness of epidemic prevention, adopt scientific and technological measures, and persist in feeding all the animals in order to ensure the health of the flock and control, extinguish, and purify the disease.

Correct use of drugs Some cultivators are greedy for cheap, and buy counterfeit and inferior drugs from informal channels; or blindly use drugs, poisoning occurs from time to time, not to mention the emergence of drug resistance, which makes it difficult to use drugs for future treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to guide the farmers to use drugs correctly, to strengthen biological safety, and to reduce or even avoid the occurrence of immune diseases.

Reducing cross-contamination During the feeding of broilers, keepers are found in hatcheries, feed factories, veterinary stations, and freeze processing plants. In the event of an infectious disease, cross-infection can easily occur. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen sanitation work. The front door disinfection should be safe and effective, and the vehicles must be strictly sterilized. In particular, the trucks in the freezing plants must be thoroughly cleaned and strictly disinfected before being shipped from the factory. In the chicken farm, it is strictly forbidden for hawkers who sell dead chickens to enter.

It is crucial to ensure the supply of qualified mutton chickens, which is the key to raising broiler chickens. Therefore, the broiler farms should do a good job in the purification of breeding chickens.

Strengthen monitoring and quarantine of major diseases to achieve early warning, early prevention and control, regular quarantine of breeder farms, eliminate positive chickens. In the hatching process, fertilized eggs, dead embryos, and weak broods and dead chicks during hatching are sampled and tested; the indoor airborne bacteria and mycotoxins are monitored regularly; after immunization, monitoring of antibody levels should be carried out as planned. Epidemic situation registration and reporting system; at the same time, it is necessary to test feeds that enter the site, and it is not allowed to purchase feed products produced in the epidemic areas; the air quality must be purified.

Emergency measures to establish an epidemic Once a suspicious condition occurs, quarantine measures should be taken immediately, and personnel should be organized to diagnose and formulate relevant treatment and emergency vaccination plans in a timely manner. When a severe infectious disease occurs, the site shall be blocked immediately, reported to the higher authorities, and corresponding measures taken. Diseased and dead chickens must be burned, buried or treated in a centralized manner. The sale and consumption of dead chickens is strictly prohibited. The diseased chicken house, facilities, and tools must be thoroughly cleaned, strictly sterilized, and left unused for a certain period of time.

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