Cultivation of Eggplant in Winter and Spring

1. Sowing seedlings use early-maturing or mid-maturing varieties, and seedlings grown in Yangshuo can be sown in late November to early December. The seedling age is more than 90 days. If the use of electric hotbed nursery or planting seedlings in winter greenhouses, seedling age can be shortened to 70 to 80 days, that is, the sowing date can be postponed until mid-December. The seedling morphology index of the right-age seedling began to bud. See Chapter 5 for specific operating techniques.
2. The suitable temperature index for planting eggplant colonization is 10 cm in the shed and the ground temperature is stable between 12-15 °C. In all parts of Shandong, arched circular greenhouses are covered with a single layer of plastic film, and the planting period is in late March. The arched circular greenhouses are protected by multiple layers or single-slope spring-use greenhouses, and single-slope-faced roofless greenhouses are established. Advance to late February to early March.
Before the colonization, it is necessary to put on the membrane shed in advance to increase the temperature inside the shed. For greenhouses with crops that have been planted in the past, they must be evacuated as soon as possible. The old sheds must be fumigated and sterilized in the shed.
After the shed has been unloaded, it is necessary to carry out deep plowing, combine the basal fertilizer with the ground, and use ridge cultivation. Land preparation, Application of basal fertilizer and ridging methods, specifications are the same as those for overwintering cultivation.
3. Management after planting
(1) Management of the seedling stage The low ground temperature after planting is the main limiting factor affecting the growth and development of eggplant. Within 10 to 15 days after planting, the temperature of the greenhouse should be increased. During the day, the temperature of the shed can reach 30°C or more, and the temperature of the shed is used to increase the temperature of the shed. At this time, the morning should be a short time ventilation through the top wind, but can not put the door wind, but can not put the end of the wind, and to strengthen the loose soil, increase the temperature, promote hair roots. Single-slope sheds and multi-storied sheds should pay attention to the early release of opaque coverings, which must be tightly insulated and fully lighted.
(2) The results of the previous management of the door after the fruit set up, in order to strive for early high yield and improve the early yield, should pay attention to the preservation of fruit, and promote the growth of leaves, put a good production skeleton. At this stage, we must pay attention to the regulation of greenhouse temperature, strengthen ventilation management, maintain 28 to 30 °C of greenhouse temperature for more than 5 hours during the day, start ventilation at 32 °C in the morning, and close the vent when the temperature drops below 25 °C in the afternoon. Also pay attention to regulate the relationship between plant growth and results, remove all the lateral branches below the first branch, such as double dry pruning, but also promptly knock out excess lateral buds. And after the fruit is set on the door, the soil is properly soiled and the height is about 10 centimeters to promote hair roots and prevent lodging. Eggplant early water management should be based on control, less irrigation, more loose soil, especially the soil moisture during the flowering period of the gate can not be too high, otherwise it is easy to drop flowers and fruit. When the door grows to the size of the walnut, topdressing and irrigation are performed. Per acre topdressing urea 20 kg or 1000 kg of excrement. In irrigation, in order to prevent the temperature drop in the early stage, sunny morning watering and gully irrigation may be adopted. For the purpose of flower protection, 2,4-D can be used at a concentration of 20 mg/l (20 ppm).
(3) After the fruitful period of management enters the fruitful period, the greenhouse has entered a period of high temperature. In order to prevent the danger of high temperature, ventilation should be increased. The entire film under the shoulder can be rolled up. When the night temperature is not lower than 17°C, close the skylight and ventilate overnight. In order to strengthen the eggplant photosynthesis and coloring, the top film of the greenhouse can be removed after June. The fruit period requires large fertilizers to ensure fruit development. The water can be poured every 5 to 6 days, and fertilizer is applied once every two waters. It is best to use chemical fertilizers alternately with organic fertilizers. Into the full fruit period, the old leaves and yellow leaves of the base can be destroyed, and the conditions for ventilation and light transmission can be improved so that the nutrients can concentrate on attacking fruit and promote fruit growth.
4. Pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. In the middle and late stages of the growth of greenhouses, due to the increase in temperature, the temperature in the greenhouse is high and the humidity is high. Therefore, pests and diseases occur from time to time. The main diseases are Bacillus subtilis, Brown Vein disease, etc. The insect pests mainly include aphids, tea-yellowing, whitefly, etc., and should be promptly controlled. The prevention and treatment of diseases is first of all to manage the temperature and humidity in the shed, with particular attention to temperature control. The occurrence of these diseases is not directly related to the excessive humidity in the shed. The method of controlling the humidity in the booth is mainly to do a good job of ventilation and dehumidification of the greenhouse, especially after watering.

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