Exposed cultivation techniques for cereals and vegetables

First, the choice of land, cereals and vegetables belong to many types, sources from all directions, characteristics vary greatly, the requirements of the soil conditions are also different. Therefore, to obtain a successful cultivation, it is important to choose the correct soil. Soybeans are suitable for cultivation in slightly acidic soils, while broad beans and the like are suitable for cultivation in neutral to slightly alkaline soils. In the production, suitable soil should be selected according to its needs. If the soil conditions are not ideal, it can be adjusted by increasing organic fertilizer or lime.
The fertility of the soil is of vital importance in order to increase yields and yields. In addition to selecting fertile plots, decomposed organic fertilizer should also be added. Generally, 45,000 to 75,000 kilograms should be applied per hectare. Combine the ground and turn it into the soil.
Second, row open sowing, timely planting of a lot of cereals and vegetables, the initial market, market demand is not large, the harvest supply to a small amount of long-term is appropriate. This requires a longer supply period for cereals and vegetables. However, the harvest period of vegetables such as sweet corn and green soybeans is very short and the listing period is very concentrated, which is incompatible with market demand. In order to meet the needs of the market, quickly open the market and expand sales, you can use some characteristics of strong adaptability of cereals and vegetables, suitable for a long growing season. In the cultivation, the method of sowing seeds and listing them one after another was adopted. That is, in cultivation, sowing once every 7 to 10 days, so that each harvest period end to end, this can greatly extend the time to market. For example, sweet corn can be planted 2 or 3 times in the north China from the end of March to April. The listing period can be continued from June to August; the seeds can be sown 4 to 5 times from May to June. The listing period can be 9 The month extends to November. In order to save land, when sowing seeds, use intercropping techniques and intercropping techniques as much as possible, or place them on the ground of other vegetables.
In the open field cultivation, in the spring for the morning market, the method of raising seedlings on the protected land and planting the land on the ground in advance can be adopted. This advancement of the listing period will help improve economic efficiency.
Third, water and fertilizer management Sweet corn, silkworm and other grain vegetables, if water and fertilizer is not enough, not only the growth and development is slow, the output is reduced, and the appearance of the product is not good. Under good conditions of water and fertilizer management, the yield is improved and the commodity character is greatly improved. Therefore, when cultivating cereals and vegetables, it is necessary to perform water and fertilizer management according to their needs. Hairy, broad bean, mung bean, etc. should be top-dressing and watering in the later stages of fertility to keep the soil moist and obtain high yields.
In order to increase the yield and quality of cereals and vegetables, it is very important to apply organic manure with base fertilizer and organic manure.
Diseases and Insect Pests In general, pests and diseases of cereals and vegetables are more serious and cannot be taken lightly in cultivation. They should be promptly inspected and prevented and spread as soon as possible. In the process of pest and disease control, we must pay attention to prevent pesticide pollution and produce pollution-free vegetables.

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