Festival-saving geese

Too many people and less land are the basic national conditions of our country. With the adjustment of the country’s food policy, the conversion of limited arable land to pasture and geese is not realistic for farmers. Actively developing the grass-and-grain-saving geese industry is one of the directions for the structural adjustment of animal husbandry. Here are some of the following conservation-oriented goose technology.
1. Goose and Goslings are grazing and feeding poultry that require a large amount of green feed and some roughage in their growth and development. Green feed is the main source of nutrition. Therefore, hills, hillsides, grasslands, farmland, and creeks can be used. Ditches, sporadic grasslands along the roads, and grazing lands after wheat and rice are harvested, where wild pastures such as eucalyptus, bitter leeks, dandelions, cornflowers, grey vegetables, etc., can be used. These weeds not only have higher nutrient content, but they are rarely contaminated and can achieve grain-saving purposes. Goose farmers buy goose seedlings in spring and summer. After 1 week of age, the animals are grazing in the late afternoon, and they are feeding in the evening. They are sold in autumn and winter. Each geese consumes only 4 to 5 kg of feed and can make more than 15 yuan. In the author's area, some goose farmers (500 in each batch) used leeches, weeds in riverbanks, and wild hummus in rivers, wheat ash in flour mills, and indica rice to obtain good economic returns.
2. Wheat geese, geese and geese in the wheat field properly feed on wheat leaves and weeds, and have no adverse effects on the growth of wheat. At the same time, it provides sufficient feed for geese to achieve the goal of increasing grain and poultry for common development. Each mus of 40 to 60 geese, can benefit from 600 to 900 yuan. The specific points are as follows:
2.1. Choose suitable goose and wheat varieties: Goose breeds are mainly resistant to rough-feeding, fast-growing four-season geese, Longchang goose, and Yangzhou goose. Wheat seeds are selected to suit the local climate and soil structure.
2.2. Proper sowing: wheat cultivating geese in wheat fields, sowing time should be 7-10 days earlier. In order to provide sufficient wheat leaves, the seeding rate per acre should be 1.5-2.0 kg more than the conventional amount.
2.3. Appropriate fertilization materials: Generally, about 8 kg urea will be applied before and after December 20 and January 20 to promote wheat early pre-mature seedling growth. After late February, grazing should be stopped during the jointing of wheat, replanting joint-fertilizer, and propagating panicle fertilizer, and applying 10 kg urea per acre. And do a good job in the restoration of wheat seedlings in the later period and truly achieve the goal of double growth.
2.4. Grazing Management: Miao goose is generally purchased at about 50 per acre of wheat in the middle and early December of December. After 20 days of indoor breeding, it is gradually grazing in wheat fields until the end of February. During the grazing period, it should be managed by special personnel to divide the wheat field into several small areas for rotational grazing. During the grazing, the geese should be formed in a “one-for-one” shape and be horizontally discharged. Goose dung can improve the soil. It should be noted that grazing in wheat fields is different from grazing in pastures and grasslands, and geese must be trained to avoid running around. It is better to use "headed geese" for grazing, and the effect is better. If grazing all day, gooses should be fed a compound feed at night, usually bran and grains, and 1.5% bone meal, 2% shell powder and 0.3% salt should be added to promote normal bone growth and prevent osteomalacia. Dysplasia.
3, Linyuan geese This model is based on the premise of no occupation of arable land, the use of orchards or undergrowth geese, is a pollution-free ecological geese model, because the geese only feed on the weeds in the forest when grazing Instead of eating leaves and bark, it will not cause harm to fruit, forests, especially young forests. Linyuan goose generally has three forms:
3.1. Deciduous forests (fruit forests) Geese: In deciduous forests, geese can sow ryegrass every year in autumn when the leaves are sparse. In March of the following year, geese are raised and grazing is carried out. When the ryegrass season is over, The forest weeds can also be used as feed for geese. Goose dung can increase soil fertility. In this way, geese can be raised in all seasons.
3.2. Evergreen forest geese: In the evergreen forest, the main geese are mainly wild weeds. Some shade-tolerant pastures, such as white clover, can be properly sown to supplement the shortage of wild weeds. Generally, grazing methods are used.
3.3 Young forest geese: Young geese in young forests can use small trees. The characteristics of sunny forests include growing grazing grasses such as ryegrass, chicory, red clover and white clover. There are two ways to raise geese.
No matter what form of forestry geese should pay attention to appropriate supplements to meet the nutritional needs of the growth and development of geese, while the fruit tree during the application, should be a period of time to stop feeding. For forest gardens with large areas of trees and woodland, goose sheds can also be built in forests, which can reduce land occupation and facilitate management.
4, straw geese This method is mainly the use of crop stalks such as corn stalks, hawthorn vines, etc., by smashing and smashing after silage, or using peanut vines and crop stems, pods, shells, etc. processed into grass powder with Some concentrates are used to raise geese.
In short, what kind of way to use geese to choose suitable local production methods in order to obtain good results.

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