Common faults and solutions for pelleting machines

The multi-functional pelletizing machine can produce honey pill, concentrated pill, water pill, water pill, pelletized food, and can also be coated and dried to make the prepared pill even and beautiful. The multifunctional pill making machine is especially suitable for small pharmaceutical factories, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory trial rooms, Chinese medicine research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine stores, and valuable processing and sales points for valuable supplements.

The pill machine will always have a fault during the operation. Let's take a look at the causes and troubleshooting methods of the common faults of the pill making machine.

1. After the pelleting machine is energized, the motor does not run. Cause: 1. The power cord is not in good contact or the power plug is loose. 2. The switch is in poor contact.

The lifting method: 1. Repair the power supply or exchange the same specification plug; 2. Repair or replace the same specification switch.

2. When the pill mechanism is used, the shaft knife rotates or the medicine surface sticks.

Cause: The output stop lever is loose and there is a gap between the bottom of the shaft cutter and the bottom of the shaft cutter. The pill cannot be scraped off the shaft slot.

Lifting method: Adjust the spacing between the discharge plate and the bottom of the shaft sipe, (about 0.1mm) and tighten the fixing screws.

3. When the pelleting machine is working, suddenly the motor stops rotating.

Reason: 1. Capacitance is broken. 2. The gear is stuck.

Lifting method: Check the gear groove for any debris and clean it.

4. When the pelletizing machine is working, the shaft cutter has a slight jump.

Cause: The loosening of the compression block screw is as follows: Open the upper cover and tighten the 6 hexagon socket screws evenly.

5. During the operation of the pelleting machine, abnormal noise is generated.

Reasons: 1. The shaft knife and the friction part of the machine body are dry and oil-free; 2. There is no oil between the gears.

Lifting method: 1. Put a few drops of clean cooking oil into the oil eye; 2. Apply a small amount of butter to each gear groove.

6, the heater heat failure.

Cause: The plug is loose or the power cord is disconnected;

Lifting method: replace the plug of the same specification or repair the power socket;

At the same time, when manipulating these lifting methods, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the power supply must be turned off to perform the above-described operation of the shot blasting method. Please always remember that life is precious!

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