Eight ducks in summer

Summer is the prime time for raising meat ducks, but the high temperature and high humidity environment can make the duck house feces rot and ferment, breed pathogenic microorganisms, induce disease, and adversely affect the growth of the duck. In order to improve the survival rate of summer meat ducks, we must pay attention to the following eight points:

First, reduce the rearing density to prevent crowding of ducks, heap pressure, accumulated warmth, and add water basins and troughs.

Second, adjust the feed formula Ducks of different reproductive stages, their feed formulations are not the same, the summer feed formula should meet the requirements of all essential amino acids under the premise of the protein level as far as possible in order to reduce feed digestion heat.

Third, changes in feeding methods should be taken to raise the net, to reduce the contact between ducks and feces, reduce the spread of disease, reduce the incidence, but also can reduce the duck's nutrient consumption and heat production.

Fourth, change the feeding time as far as possible in the early morning and night 8 to 10 when the weather is cool when feeding.

5. Reduce sun exposure and build a high and spacious duck house. During the high temperature period, water can be sprayed on the roof or sprayed with water, and white ash can also be applied on the roof.

6. Feeding fresh feedstuffs for long periods of time in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, or stagnating in the feedstuffs for too long, will result in deterioration of the quality of the feed. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that fresh feed is supplied to the birds.

VII. Keep the Environment Calm During the hot period, sudden shocks and noises must be avoided to interfere with the duck population and minimize the duck's activity.

8. Do a good job of disinfection and epidemic prevention Disinfection work to prevent flies and mosquitoes from breeding, so that ducks will not be harassed by pests.

Common Snapdragon

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Common Snapdragon Seeds

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