Eight tea trees

Scientific name Ricania speculum (Walker) Homoptera, Wide-winged Waxy Polygonaceae. Alias ​​eight points wax, eight light, orange eight light, coffee black moth wax, black feather, white rooster. Distribution in Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and Taiwan.

Host tea, oil tea, mulberry, cotton, jute, soybean, apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, plum, cherry, date, chestnut, hawthorn, citrus, coffee, cocoa, artichoke and so on.

Injury characteristics, nymphs like shoots and buds, leaves sucking sap; spawning in the branches of the year, affecting shoot growth, severe spawning above the Department of death, weakening the tree.

Morphological characteristics Adult body length 11.5-13.5mm, wingspan 23.5-26mm, dark brown, sparsely white wax powder. Antennae hairy, short. Monocular 2, red. The fins are densely clothed and cross-veined and meshed. The fore wings are large, slightly triangular, and the wings are thin white wax powder. There are 6-7 white transparent spots on the wings. Their distribution: 1 in the proximal part of the leading edge. Nearly semicircular; 1 larger irregular shape below it; 1 smaller, oblong inside and lower; 1 very small, narrow at the vertex of the leading edge; 2 large in the outer edge, front Spots are irregular in shape, followed by oblong spots, and some spots are divided into two by a brown spot. The hind wings are translucent, with black veins. There is a small white transparent spot in the middle chamber and a semi-circular white transparent spot in the first half of the outer rim, distributed between the veins. Abdomen and foot brown. Egg length 1.2mm, long oval, oval top with a small protrusion, colostrum gradient light yellow. The nymphs are 5–6mm long and 3.5–4mm wide. The body is slightly blunt-shaped, the widest at the wing buds, dark tan, and the cloth has dark and light markings. The body is white wax powder, and the appearance is grayish. At the end of the abdomen, there are 4 white wax-like wax lines extending in a fan-shaped manner. The middle pair is about 7mm long, and the sides are about 6mm long. Usually the abdomen bends upwards, and the wax thread covers the back of the body to protect the body. The peacock is shaped like an open screen and stands upright or stretches toward the rear.

Life habits are 1 generation old, wintering with eggs in the branches. In Shanxi, hatching took place in May and the disease began to mature in late July. Before and after mid-August, it was the peak of emergence. Adults began to mate after more than 20 days of feeding. In late August and late October, they were spawning periods. From mid-October to early October is the peak period. During the daytime activities, the nymphs are clustered, the constant heads are arranged together on the branches, and the crawlers quickly jump on the jumps; the flying power of the adults is strong and rapid, spawning in the xylem of the year's branches, and the back of the branch with a diameter of 4-5 mm is smooth and smooth. More eggs, each piece of spawning 5-22 tablets, spawning holes arranged in a column, the hole out with some wood wool covered with white cotton wool wax, easy to find and identify. Each female can produce 120 to 150 eggs, spawning period of 30 to 40 days. The adult life spans 50 to 70 days, and it gradually dies after autumn.

Prevention and control methods (1) Combine management with special attention to pruning in winter and spring, cutting off branches with egg masses, and reducing insect sources. (2) Combination of pest control and other pests. Commonly used pyrethrins, organophosphorus and their reconstituted medicinal agents can be sprayed on tea trees, and commonly used concentrations have good results. Since the insect body, especially the nymphs, is waxed, the use of diesel emulsions or clay diesel emulsions containing 0.3% to 0.4% of oil in the used liquid can significantly improve the control efficiency.

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