Green Prune Red Pomelo Pomelo Fruit Pruning Technique

The red pomelo grapefruit is the fruit tree from the beginning of the sapling to the early fruiting period. At this time, the canopy is still slowly expanding and its growth potential is still strong. In order to cultivate high-yield canopies as soon as possible, pruning should be done not only in favor of expanding the canopy, but also conducive to early results, and attention should be paid to the cultivation of excellent fruit trees to ensure annual yields. There is increase. As the tree age increases, the yield increases, and the amount of pruning increases year by year. The pruning techniques mainly include: main branches, sub-branches, and other backbone branches: after each tipping, the tip of the first strong branch should be selected to cut 1/2 ~ 1/3 to maintain strong growth and continue to expand the canopy. Long tip: The tip part is easy to produce, but generally it does not need to be short-cut. If there are three or four long shoots on a base branch, one or two may be neglected. If the results of the next year to prepare the mother branch, can be short on a long shoot, long branch results, the appropriate short cut in winter. Branches: Pruning using rotation compression. For the result of the branch and the summer and autumn shoots, the mother branches are trimmed from the bases 3/4 to 4/5. They can also be trimmed in the spring when they sprout, leaving the base section so that only the vegetative branches are pumped. For branches with no results or fewer results, no pruning is performed. After the results, retractive pruning is performed. This alternate compression update can guarantee uniform flowering results every year and achieve the purpose of over production and stable production. Drooping branch utilization: The initial result tree grows vigorously, the pendulous branches grow moderately, and results can be used. The result can be shortened to a position where the strong shoots are turned upwards. The use of internal litchi: red meat, honey, grapefruit and other varieties of crown open, moderate density of shoots, good light inside, easy to spring shoots, the results of good performance, can be properly retained to make three-dimensional results. Utilization of fruit stems: If fruit stems after fruiting are as long as 5 cm in length and 3 or more robust leaves, they have the ability to produce continuous results. When there are no stout shoots in the vicinity, they can be used to draw fruiting branches or development branches. Branches of weak fruit stems should be removed. The use of leggy branches: leggy branches tend to disturb the tree and should generally be cut off. If you fill the space, you can pick your heart at 40-50cm. For the uncultivated leggy branches, they are wounded or circumcised at their base, and their results are handled year by year. The above methods are generally conducted in the spring, and there is no frost damage in the winter. In addition, we must cut away the dead branches, branches and branches of insects, shade branches and dense branches, and the late autumn shoots that are drawn after the end of September. The spring shoots and summer shoots that are growing too much need to be picked up and pricked. Http://

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