Garlic onion

I. Garlic cultivation techniques

1, species selection. Varieties are Heilongjiang Shangji Town, Acheng, Helan garlic, Liaoning Kaiyuan garlic.

2, soil fertigation. Autumn turning pressure, fine soil preparation, combined with soil preparation Mushi fertilizer 3000-5000 kg, then ridging, ridge distance 45-50 cm. When planting garlic Mushi fertilizer 20 kg.

3, planting. When the soil is defrosted 15-20 centimeters in late March, the top pulp is planted. Before the planting, the garlic should be selected and graded, and two lines per ridge should be planted alternately. The ventral line of the garlic flap should be parallel to the direction of the furrow, with a spacing of 12-15 cm and a spacing of 8-10 cm. Apply 50% phoxim EC to 200-250 g per mu to mix 25-30 kg of poisonous soil along the ditch, prevent mantle and other underground pests. After planting soil 3-5 cm, proper suppression.

4, field management. Waterless seedlings, more cultivating loose soil in order to facilitate the increase in temperature and promote seedling growth. Before retiring mothers, top-dressing and irrigation should be performed to avoid or reduce the appearance of yellow tips. Mu can be used to recover 10 kg of urea. At the same time, phoxim, trichlorfon, etc. are used to prevent mantle damage. Immediately after convulsions irrigation and topdressing, mu recovery 10 kg of urea to promote the expansion of garlic. In addition, spray 0.3-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution has a certain role in increasing production. Since the garlic has a short growing period of 90-100 days, and the temperature during the growing period is not high, the humidity is not high and the disease rarely occurs.

5, harvest. Harvest garlic sprouts should be timely, in order to facilitate the expansion of garlic. 20-25 days after the picking, garlic harvesting is suitable, generally at the end of June and early July. Each mu can receive 200-250 kilograms of garlic, income 500-600 yuan, garlic 800-1000 kilograms, income 1200-1500 yuan.

Second, onion cultivation techniques

1, species selection. At present, Zhangqiu series onion, Tianjin green onions, Liao onion 1 mainly.

2, nursery. Seedlings are planted in mid-April. Seedbed should be selected 3-5 years have not been planted on the plots of onion and garlic crops, Mushi fertilizer maturity of 2000-3000 kg of fertilizer, compound fertilizer 20 kg, and then deep-turning, Fuping. Seeding can be seeded or drilled, with 4-5 kg ​​per mu. Seedling time and seedlings should be taken out of time, depending on seedling growth and flooding topdressing and watering, top dressing is generally in the 3-4 leaf stage, acres of urea 10 kg. Seedlings pay attention to the damage of underground pests and can be controlled by phoxim and trichlorfon.

3, colonization. Planted in mid-July. Immediately after the harvest, garlic was deep-stummed and soil preparation was performed. 30 kg of compound fertilizer was applied to Mushi, and the soil was ridged and ridiculed. The ridge distance was 60-65 cm. The phoxim poison soil or the trichlorfon solution was used to plant the roots. It is advisable not to leave the heart and leaves at 6-7 cm.

4, field management. After planting and regenerating seedlings, we should diligently cultivating and weeding the soil to loosen the topsoil, preserve water, and promote the development of the root system. In the rainy season of July-August, pay attention to drainage and flood prevention. After the autumn cool, the green onions will enter the long-term, and fertilizer and water management should be strengthened. According to soil moisture from time to time to keep the soil moist, stop watering 7 days before harvest. In combination with watering or cultivating the soil 2-3 times, the urea 15 kg per kilogram plus 5 kg of potassium sulfate or 20 kg of compound fertilizer. Earth 3-4 times, not to leave the heart as the standard. Onions from the colonization to the harvest should be timely prevention and control of rust, purple spot, downy mildew, Burnet, onion thrips and other pests and diseases: rust can be used 15% triadimefon WP 1500 times control, 7-10 days 1, continuous spray 2 -3 times. Purple spot can be used 64% antiviral WP 500 times or 50% acetaminophen 1500 times liquid control, 7-10 days 1, even spray 2-3 times. Downy mildew can be controlled with 64% anti-virus WP 500 times or Kelu WP 800 times, 7-10 days, even spray 2-3 times. The mantle can be treated with 50% phoxim 800 times or 90% dipterex crystal 1000 times. Onion thrips can be treated with 50% phoxim EC 1000 times or 10% imidacloprid WP 2000 times.

5, harvest. Harvested in mid-to-late October, before the soil is frozen. When harvesting, it is necessary to avoid breaking the light blue, shake the soil, and bundle it after proper drying. Each can harvest green onions 4000-5000 kilograms, income 1200-1400 yuan.


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1. Primary agammaglobulinemia, such as X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia, common variant immunodeficiency diseases, immunoglobulin G subclass deficiency, etc.

2. Secondary immunoglobulin deficiency diseases, such as severe infection, septicemia of newborn, etc

3. Autoimmune diseases, such as primary thrombocytopenic purpura, Kawasaki disease

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