Studies show that people with high blood sugar are more susceptible to cancer

Release date: 2010-04-26

According to a new study, high blood sugar levels increase the risk of cancer.
The study was completed by Swedish scientists and found that high blood sugar increases the risk of different types of cancer in men and women, and that women's high blood sugar is more likely to increase the risk of cancer.
Scientists at Umeå University in Sweden conducted a follow-up study of more than 270,000 men and more than 270,000 women. These people are from Norway, Austria and Sweden, with an average age of 44.8 years.
More than a decade ago, scientists measured the blood sugar levels of these people. To date, scientists have tracked the test population's cancer and death, and the results of the study.
Scientists wrote in the research report: "High blood sugar causes a significant increase in the risk of cancer in men with liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, respiratory cancer, rectal cancer, etc. Among women, the risk of pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer Significantly rising."
Dr. Tandja Stoker, the lead researcher of the study, said: "The results of the study show that for women, the higher the blood sugar, the greater the risk of cancer. For men, there is a correlation between the two, but relative Weak."
The results of this study are significant because it found that the risk of cancer was not related to the size of the tester.
Although the study did not prove that hyperglycemia can induce cancer, it shows that blood sugar may be the "fuel source" of cancer cells and promote the development of cancer. Especially for cancer cells that grow rapidly and spread rapidly, high blood sugar can play a role in “helping to abuse”.
Some experts pointed out that the results of this study "increased the possibility of lowering some cancer risks by controlling blood sugar levels." Experts suggest that avoiding excessive fat intake and high-sugar foods and adhering to exercise can reduce this risk. Meditech Medical Network

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