Fresh flowers and soybean pods preserved at room temperature

Both flower and cardamom are foods that people love to eat, but due to seasonal restrictions, they cannot be eaten all the year round. Now we introduce a normal temperature preservation method that requires only a few cents per kilogram and a several-fold increase in income.
Flowers students:
The harvested peanuts will be picked for the worst fruit, rinsed with fresh water, and then heated for 6 to 8 minutes under the effect of peanut special storage agent (sold in the chemical industry store), removed by cooling with cold water to room temperature, and then dried. Or drying can be stored at room temperature, storage of fresh peanuts only 2 cents. After storage, the peanuts can be eaten directly or after the market has no fresh peanuts. Direct food crispy, fragrant aftertaste, eatable; cooked and listed basically the same as fresh peanuts, but also can be boiled into a variety of flavors such as fragrant, salty, spicy, very popular with consumers, at the same time, the economic benefits can be increased by more than 3 times .
Soybean meal:
The soybeans that have entered the milky period are harvested, picked up and washed with water, and then soaked in 0.2% of color-protecting agent in water for 30 minutes. After that, they can be placed in open-water broth with special fresh-keeping agent for green soybeans. About 3 minutes, remove and cool to room temperature with cold water and then put it in 0.2% color protector solution. After soaking for 30 minutes, it can be stored at room temperature after drying. When there is no fresh soybean pods in the market and it is cooked and marketed after being immersed in water, only 2 cents is required for every kilogram of soybean meal, which can increase the benefit by 3-5 times.

Royal Jelly is also called Bee Milk. The fresh royal jelly is slightly ropy milk paste  substance; it is the excretive mixture of nutrition gland and maxilla gland of the head of little worker bee. The worker bees use this to feed the 1-3 days` worker bee larva and drone larva, 1-5.5 days` queen bee larva and queen bee in the oviposition period. The royal jelly is the biologic product containing very complicated active elements which contains almost all the nutrition elements required by the growth of the human body.

Royal Jelly

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