India developed a portable remote heart monitor

Release date: 2007-07-24

India develops a portable remote heart monitor Heart disease is the number one killer of human health. One third of the world's population is dying of heart disease, and in China, hundreds of thousands of people die of heart disease every year. When a heart attack occurs, it is critical to perform a rescue during the “golden time”. Indian researchers have developed a portable remote heart monitor that can send ECGs to nearby hospitals in the form of short messages by means of the patient's mobile phone, thus greatly improving rescue efficiency.
According to reports, researchers at the University of Satyamaba, India, have recently developed prototypes of this Bluetooth heart monitor. It is equivalent to a portable cardiac telemedicine microsystem that is carried by a heart patient to record an electrocardiogram and transmit ECG data to the patient's cell phone via RF signals. A modified micro-analyzer is attached to the modified special mobile phone, which can analyze the electrocardiogram and detect signs of heart failure. Once an abnormality is detected in the patient's heart, such as arrhythmia, the mobile phone will issue an alarm and send an abnormal ECG signal to the nearest medical center via SMS. The message will also be accompanied by the patient's personal basic information. Contact the patient at one time and arrange first aid.
It is reported that researchers are currently designing how to integrate global positioning into the mobile phone system of heart patients, so that the emergency center can determine the patient's location more quickly. —— Information from: Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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