Spring cucumber cultivation techniques

Select the appropriate varieties to use in early spring low temperature conditions, strong parthenocarpy, low parts of the melon, female flowers, disease resistance and high quality products, such as Changchun Mimi, Jin research cucumber.

Seed germination should be carried out 2 to 3 days before sowing and planting. During the germination process, the seeds are often turned so that they can evenly withstand the temperature, and sprouting can begin around 24 hours. When the seeds were found to slightly expose the tips of the buds, the temperature could be appropriately reduced and maintained at about 25°C. After 2 to 3 days, the seeds could be released. Sprout after sowing. When the seeds are planted, the buds are directed downwards, preferably with the buds facing in the same direction. Cover soil immediately after sowing. Seedlings grown after planting should be selected sunny planting. One month before planting, plastic film was put in place for tarpaulin so as to increase soil temperature as soon as possible.

Strengthen management First, temperature management in the greenhouse. In early spring, the climate is variable, the temperature is low, and it is vulnerable to the threat of cold air. Therefore, early planting should consider covering with multiple layers of film or temporarily heating it with a stove. A week or so after planting, the greenhouse should be sealed, heat preservation and moistening, prompting the slow seedlings. The second is humidity management. During the sunny days, the relative humidity in the spring cucumber shed should be controlled at 55% to 65% during the spring and 85% to 90% at night. The sky is kept at 70%-85% during the day and 90%-95% at night. The third is fertilizer management. In the initial stage of seedling colonization, pour seedlings to promote early living trees. From the time of live-planting to late-stage growth, watering should be controlled and seedlings must be planted.

Prevention and treatment of diseases In addition to attention to crop rotation, soil disinfection, and humidity in the shed must not be excessive, Bordeaux liquid can be sprayed on downy mildew; 200 times wettable sulphur powder suspension can be sprayed on powdery mildew; 80% can be sprayed on anthrax. The 300-fold solution of zinc can also be effective.

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