The Essentials of Apple Orchard Management in July and August

In July-August, apple fruit enters the expansion stage, and the fruit and leaf curtain layer has formed. The climate conditions of high temperature and high humidity are conducive to the breeding of pests in enclosed orchards. To produce high quality fruit, the following points should be made in orchard management:

One, summer scissors

The useless budding and sprouting of sprouting branches and swarf are promptly removed; the main branch, which is not open on part of the waist and distal corners, is pulled to the required position; the inner branches are effectively cleaned, the upright branches on the back, and the branches are not effective. Branches, central staggered branches, peripheral densely crowded branches, adjusting the ratio of branches and leaves, controlling the growth of new shoots, and improving the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the trees.

Second, pest and disease prevention

1. Diseases Early stage of apple deciduous disease in this period is easy to be popular in rainy, high temperature and humid climate conditions. In the middle and mid-July to August, it is also the critical period for fruit infection by Physalospora piricola; if the tree is poor in air and light transmission, the quality of bags is poor. Poor air permeability, black spot disease will increase. Therefore, we should pay attention to disease prevention and control during this period.

2. Insect Pests Occurring during this period are red and white spiders, gold-grained moths, carnivores, scale insects, cockroaches, etc., and should be promptly controlled.

Third, top-dressing fruit enlargement fertilizer

After the rain, the topdressing phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied once again, and organic fertilizers such as humic acid or silicon, calcium, magnesium, and potassium fertilizers can also be added, and fine potassium dihydrogen phosphate or other multi-element liquid fertilizers can also be sprayed and sprayed.

Fourth, timely inspection bagging

From July to August, the weather is changeable and there is more rain. After heavy rain, windy wind and high temperature, it is necessary to timely unpack the bag from different parts of the canopy. If it is found that there is water in the small holes in the ventilation holes, the ventilation holes should be properly cut in time. , exclude water. If it is found that the sunburn, the invasion of pathogens and the bruising of insects, measures should be taken as soon as possible to ensure the success of the bagging.

Fifth, mow grass fertilizer

When there are more orchards and more rain in summer, wild grasses and artificially-grown clover grow fast and should be mown and covered with mowing to protect the earth and reduce the temperature and increase the content of soil organic matter.

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