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The quercus ulmoides is also known as Citrus aurantium. It belongs to Lepidoptera and Geometridae. It is distributed throughout Guangxi. Tung tree The main damage is citrus trees and other kinds of economic forests. The larvae feed on the leaves of the host. When the larvae are harmed, the new and old leaves of the orange pruning, the whole tree or even the orchard can all be eaten.

Morphological characteristics of adults: body length 19 ~ 24 mm, gray, dense gray and black spots; female moth antenna filamentous, front and rear wings have three irregular brown stripes; male antennae antennae feathered, wings inside and outside the 2 dark brown, 1 in the middle is not obvious. Larvae: When matured, the body length is about 70 mm. When it is newly hatched, the body color is dark brown, and it changes with the environment. There are yellow-green, green-green, gray-brown, dark-brown and other colors. There are 1 pair of belly and hip feet on the abdomen. .

Tung tree Habitus This worm occurs in Guangxi every year from 3 to 4 generations. It is wintered in the citrus garden soil and gradually emerged in late March of the following year. It is found in the early, early, early and early September of the larvae of Liuzhou larvae. . Adults are dormant during the day, active at night, have phototaxis and feign death, spawn on rough bark or crevices of the host, and the back of citrus leaves. After hatching, the larvae drooped and floated. When they were young, they took leaf and left the epidermis, and then they took the leaves. The action was a typical “step” shape. After being matured, they will be buried.

Tung treeTung tree

Prevention and control methods 1 combine cultivator digging soil, or in the spawning period to scrape eggs, or hand catch larvae.
2 Before the larvae phlegm, lay a thin film around the trunk, put on moist loose soil, induce larvae and larvae to kill; also can be lighted to kill in the adult emergence period.
3 Before the 3rd instar larvae proliferate, apply any one of the following agents: 90% trichlorfene crystal 1000-fold dilution, 50% 500-fold dilution of chlorphosulfuron EC, and 20% xanthones EC 1000x Diluent.

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