Buy farm machine should pay attention to random data

Product production licenses Production licenses are a mandatory management measure implemented by the state for mechanical and electrical products with high safety requirements. At present, there are three categories of agricultural machinery products listed in the production license management: diesel engines, submersible pumps, and motorized threshers. The agricultural product production license issued by the country is valid for 5 years. The new product developed by the company itself and the temporary production license shall be valid for 6 months. Agricultural Machinery Promotion Permits Agricultural Machinery Promotion Permits are a management measure taken by the Ministry of Agriculture to safeguard the interests of farmers. It is divided into two levels, ministerial and provincial, and is voluntarily applied by production companies. The ministerial-level promotion permit is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the provincial-level promotion permit is issued by the provincial-level agricultural machinery authority. The validity period is 3-5 years. Product specification, which includes the scope of application and main performance characteristics of agricultural machinery, main technical parameters, product implementation standard code, working principle and characteristics, operating procedures, general fault and elimination, safety warning and maintenance, "three guarantees" responsibility commitment, random Accessories list and so on. Product certification? It is a qualified product certification issued by the enterprise when the agricultural machinery is delivered and the quality inspection personnel are inspected according to national standards or corporate standards. Its contents generally include: the name of the agricultural machine, the name of the manufacturer, the number of the inspector, and the date of inspection. Product nameplate? It generally includes the name, model, dimensions, supporting power, production efficiency, overall machine quality, factory number, date of manufacture, implementation of the standard code, production license number, name, and site of the agricultural machine. “Three Guarantees” voucher? It is a document or voucher that is sold to the user when the agricultural machine product is sold. It is the basis for the user to request the package, replacement, and return after the quality problem or failure of the agricultural machine. Its contents include product name, specifications, model number, agricultural machine number, name and address of the manufacturer and maintainer, address, telephone number, zip code, machine "Three Guarantees" validity period and major parts "Three Guarantees" validity period, repair records, etc.

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