Drug storage wool

Wool is prone to aphids during storage and loses its use value. By spraying a solution of naphthaleneacetate (or ethylnaphthalate) or a dusting agent, it is possible to prevent aphid production. The wool treated by this method can keep the wool from storage for 8-12 months without deterioration. The specific method of dusting agent is as follows: 1. Dispensing: The medicine used should be ready for use. Take a concentration of 98% of methyl naphthylacetate 150 grams, dissolved in 300 grams of acetone or alcohol, and then slowly added to 10 to 13 grams of powdered fine soil, mix well into a gauze bag. 2. Sprinkle medicine: Spread the evenly distributed medicine to 2000 kg of wool. 3. Sealing: After bulk storage or packing of wool, cover a layer of paper or linen to reduce the spread of the drug.

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