How to keep warm in winter

In winter, when the automobile and tractor are in normal use, the general engine water temperature is generally low, especially in high-cold areas. When the engine temperature is lower than 60 degrees, it will exacerbate parts wear, mainly in the wear of the cylinder liner, if you do not pay attention to the engine insulation in the winter, the service life of the machine will be greatly shortened. Iron cattle in winter should take the following insulation measures.
1. Car tractors put into use in winter must be adapted to this special natural environment. Therefore, before entering the winter, a thorough seasonal maintenance and adjustment of the machine should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of each car manual.
2, The machine, engine cover, and size guard plate used in winter should be complete and effective, especially in cold areas, can also make engine insulation cover, additional insulation measures.
3, According to the engine water temperature adjustment in time, according to need to adjust the height of the tank insulation curtain or shutter opening angle.
4. Adjust the tightness of the fan belt properly to reduce the pumping capacity of the fan.
5, if necessary, remove the thermostat, because the cooling system with a normal thermostat at a low temperature cooling water can only be a small cycle, radiator water is neither cycling nor absorbing heat, but also in the car tractor Front end, it is easy to freeze and damage the heat sink.
6, If the conditions permit, car tractors used in winter can add antifreeze in the cooling system.

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