Kiwi fruit harvesting and processing

Kiwi is a wild fruit in the mountains and is rich in resources. In order to make full use of this wild resource in mountain areas, it is necessary to harvest timely, do a good job of processing, and increase economic efficiency.
1. Timely collection of wild kiwifruit in the mountainous areas is generally started in mid-September and ends at the end of October. When wild kiwifruit has a small amount of soft hair, yellow-brown or tan, and the flesh is green or yellow-green, it is harvested on sunny or cloudy days. When harvesting, remove from the base of the stalk. Sooner or later, the varieties will be harvested in batches. Pay attention to picking lightly, gently, gently, lightly, and do not bump, do not overcrowd. Fill the inner wall with a soft filler. The place should be kept away from the sun, and should be shipped back immediately after harvest. The freshly picked fruit is hard and has a strong sour taste. It does not need to be washed and put into ceramic jars and other utensils filled with chaff. It lasts for 7 to 8 days, making the flesh soft and juicy, sweet and sour.
2. Processing (1) Winemaking Select mature, softened fruits, remove bumps, molds, and fruit, put them in bamboo baskets, and wash them with clean water. The pulp was then beaten with a beater and proportioned to 1 kg of fruit plus 150 grams of white sugar. After mixing, it is fermented in a jar and stirred every 2 hours to reduce the temperature. Generally, the juice can be squeezed for 6 to 8 days. For every 100 kilograms of fresh fruit, about 70 kilograms of juice can be made. In the juice, add white wine, so that the degree of alcohol up to 25 degrees, placed at room temperature preservation, baking a small amount of citric acid to enhance flavor, bottling and storage.
The washed fruit can also be peeled and soaked in white liquor to make kiwifruit wine. About 2 kg of fruit can be foamed per kilogram of white wine. After half a month, filter residue can be added, and after about half a month, water can be added, and sugar and citric acid can be added as appropriate. Alcohol degree 17 to 18 degrees, sugar degree 10 to 11 degrees, acidity 0.3 degrees. Until the kiwi fruit is bright and mellow, it can be bottled and put into storage.
(2) After harvesting the dried fruit, remove the damaged, rotten, and insect-infested, wash with clean water, cut into 4 to 6 mm thick wafers, and put them in the sun for 3 to 5 days. If it is cloudy or rainy, it can be dried or dried in a room with good ventilation. There are 20 to 30 kg of dried fruit slices for every 100 kilograms of fresh fruit. The finished product is light brown with a slightly sour taste. It can be stored in plastic bags or altars and cylinders, or can be stored on the market or put on the market.
(3) Honey slices The dried fruit dried slices, placed in a wooden pot and steamed, are poured into enamel pots. Each 100 kilograms of dried material is mixed with 5 to 10 kilograms of white sugar to dissolve the sugar; Under exposure. When there is no liquid sugar on the surface of the dried fruit pieces, use a bamboo plate for dressing, and then dry in the sun until 8 to 90% dry. About 100 kg of sweet kiwi slices can be made per 100 kg dried fruit pieces. The finished product is dark brown, soft in texture, sweet and palatable, and unique in flavor. Can be used to store food plastic bags or altars, cans of honey preservation, can also be used about 5 kilograms of licorice, add boiling water appropriate amount, clarification filtration, cooling and then add the dried fruit slices, dried in the same way.

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