Six things to raise rabbits in autumn

Adjusting diets to feed rabbits in the autumn should pay attention to lowering dietary energy levels and increasing protein levels in the diet based on rabbit ages. According to the rabbit's breed, sex, and physiological stage, the ratio of fine material, green material, and coarse material should be appropriately matched to feed rabbits with low-energy and high-protein full-priced feeds. The crude fiber should be controlled between 12% and 14%. Waterless green feed. Feed plants such as plantain, purslane, scallion, artesunate, leeks, garlic, poplar flowers, and rind rind with a certain medicinal value. Feed should be fresh and clean without mildew.
Zhuang Qiuyu is rich in feed, nutrition is complete, and the temperature is suitable. Therefore, the preparation of a full range of rich feed, to provide high-quality blue and green materials; feed timing, quantitative, so that breakfast early feeding, dinner late feed, feed more blue and green materials for lunch, night feeding principle. Young rabbits are fed 5 to 6 times a day, young rabbits 3 to 4 times, and adult rabbits 2 to 3 times. Provide clean and adequate drinking water.
In the first half month of autumn, the feeding should be strengthened to restore the medium condition of the rabbits so as to improve the fecundity. The female rabbit reference formula (1) wheat bran 30%, corn 10.8%, soybean cake 18%, grass powder 40%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.2%. (2) 35% of corn, 25% of bran, 18% of grass powder, 20% of bean cake, 1% of bone meal, and 0.5% of multi-dimension 0.5% salt. The mixed concentrates are fed in the morning and evening. One-third of the daily feed is fed in the morning and the rest is fed with high-quality green roughage, which provides sufficient clean drinking water, strengthens exercise, and catches the sun.
Scratching and breeding Because of the high temperature in the summer, the semen quality of male rabbits is greatly influenced, while the improvement of semen quality takes a long time (about 15 days). Therefore, the structure of the diet should be adjusted 15 to 20 days in advance to strengthen nutrition. In order to improve male rabbits' libido and promote estrus in female rabbits, one capsule of vitamin E capsules can be fed daily and fed for 7 to 15 days. Male rabbits can be fed 1/5 to 1/3 eggs per day.
Do a good job of mating female rabbit breeding work, timely check empty, timely breeding. Pregnant and nursing females should be fed protein, mineral, and vitamin-rich feeds. Grasp the newborn's clearance of the pups, feed supplements and weaned timely.
Pregnancy The development of the fetus within 20 days of pregnancy is very slow. From 21 days to delivery, the increase in fetal weight accounts for about 90% of the birth weight. According to this rule, the initial feeding level is slightly higher than the empty period. High levels of nutrients will lead to an increase in early embryonic death. In the early period of lactation of the late rabbits, that is, within 15 days after birth, all the nutrients needed for the development of the pups come from breast milk. The female rabbits should be supplied with quality forage grass, supplemented with protein meal such as Fish Meal and silkworm cocoon, and the female rabbits should feed 1 to 1.5 kg of green grass and succulent feed each day, and mix the concentrate with 50 to 100 grams. Regularly check the lactating condition of the female rabbits and find that the lack of milk is promptly fed with soymilk, rice soup or brown sugar.
The whole rabbit population undergoes a full-scale adjustment of the rabbit population in August each year. The three-year-old rabbits with poor reproductive performance, disability, etc. have been eliminated. The rabbits have retained strong breeding power, and their offspring are neat and fast-growing rabbits are supplemented. In rabbit breeds, the population update rate is generally about 40%.
Anti-stress in the feed to add 0.5% vitamin B12, 0.5% VC, 0.5% sodium bicarbonate; Houttuynia, amaranth appropriate amount, decoction juice, add a little vinegar, sugar, rabbits to drink, can prevent Excitement, long rabbits.
The management of autumn temperature is very different between morning and evening and midday. Young rabbits are prone to diseases such as cold, pneumonia and enteritis. Severe cases can cause death. Therefore, the group raise rabbits should rush back to the room every evening and they should not let them when the wind or rainfall is strong. Open-air activities. Keep rabbits clean and dry and quiet. Wash the feeding sink. Commonly used 3 ~ 5% to Su Er regular disinfection inside and outside. Inject rabbit fleas regularly. Regular feeding of sulfamethazine, coccidiodin, and trilobular coccidia in the feed will prevent parasites and other diseases from occurring. Observe rabbits every day so that problems can be detected in a timely manner so that there will be no disease and early prevention.
Mothers and daughters should be separated, fed regularly, breast-feeding, size grouping system, timely injection of rabbits, Pasteurella, Clostridium perfringens and other infectious disease vaccines, often to rabbits to drink 0.01% potassium permanganate water or 0.02% furazolidone water. Adhere to the use of drugs to prevent coccidiosis, the commonly used drugs are coccidione, Ke ball powder, enemies net, chlorpheniramine, etc., pay attention to alternate medication, adhere to every 2 days with 2% of Su Su children wipe abdomen once, Then wash with water and wipe dry with gauze.

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