Harvester and oil do not need to be two

Lubricating oil is commonly referred to as oil, and the standard for adding lubricating oil to the combine harvester is to make the surface of the oil in the engine bottom case be located between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale, and it is better to add high quality lubricating oil. There are two important things to do when combine harvesters add oil.
Do not mix new and used engine oils. The old engine oil contains substances with strong oxidation properties. After the new and old engine oils are mixed, the effect of the new engine oil can be reduced. If you add new oil at a time in the engine, you can use more than 500 hours. If half of the new engine oil is blended with half of the old engine oil, the use time is less than 200 hours. Because of poor lubrication of old oil, it is easy to cause serious wear and black smoke.
Do not add too much oil. When it exceeds the upper scale of the oil scale, the oil can easily enter the combustion chamber, causing the exhaust pipe to spray oil and emit blue smoke. This will not only increase the consumption of oil, but also incomplete combustion of the engine oil will produce a lot of coke on the top of the piston and valve seat, aggravate the wear of mechanical parts, and even cause the piston to die or damage.
One must add in time. If the oil is not added in time, the oil level of the oil pan will be too low, resulting in high oil temperature and poor lubrication. What's more, because the oil level of the oil pan is lower than the lower scale of the oil scale, the combine harvester may expose the oil filter to the oil surface, so that the oil pump cannot draw in air to supply oil, causing serious accidents such as burning tiles.

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