Shou County Strengthens Management of New Rural Cooperative Medical Institutions

Since the beginning of this year, the Shouxian New Rural Cooperative Management Center and its sub-centers in the township and townships have strengthened daily supervision and special inspections of designated medical institutions, and linked supervision and inspection results with fixed-point qualifications and agreement management.

Through the implementation of disease-based payment and referral filing systems and other effective measures to control the growth rate of fixed-point medical institutions' medical expenses; quarterly analysis meetings will regularly publish key medical indicators such as hospitalization visits, secondary hospitalization costs, and cost increases for all designated medical institutions. For a small number of fixed-point medical institutions with higher costs and rapid growth, they urge them to make self-examination and rectification.

In addition, the County Management Center organized clinical experts at the county hospital three times, and the medical and health supervision staff of the county’s medical institutions went deep into the designated medical institutions to conduct serious inspections and in-depth analysis. The results were unreasonable, unreasonable, and unreasonable. For fees and fees for self-supporting projects, in addition to deducting the compensation for new rural cooperative medical services, the responsible persons of designated medical institutions and the responsibilities of the parties shall be investigated strictly in accordance with relevant policies and regulations.

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