Bamboo leaves (Figure)

In Xishuangbanna, our local compatriots of the Dai nationality called the beautifully-flowered bamboo orchids “agriculturists”, which is a well-known drug for detoxification. It is said that a girl was dying of food poisoning (proverb "agriculture"). After the doctor diagnosed her, she told her (the proverb "Yao") to use boiled bamboo water to cook on the water. The girl took this medicine and she was sick. (Slang "嗨"), Zhu Yelan's proverb comes from this name. The name of the bamboo orchid is very large. Because of its large size and resemblance to reeds, it is known in Taiwan as a “grassland bluegrass”. Because its flower shape is somewhat like a bird, especially when viewed from a distance, it is very much like a Playful birds in the wild are also known as "bird blue." The name Latin name A rundina was taken from the Greek arundo (Reed). Bamboo leaves were first discovered in Nepal. In 1825, David Don first described the bamboo orchids based on plant specimens collected from Nepal. In the same year, Carl Blume founded Arundina. There are about 8 species of this genus, which are widely distributed. They can be seen from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan and Malaysia. The plants of the genus Bambusa are mostly blue and the plants are large, some of them can reach up to 1 meter. Its blades are 12-30 cm long and 1.6-2.5 cm wide. Inflorescences usually 15-30 cm long, flowers are very large, sometimes up to 10 cm in diameter, flowers resemble Carterian flowers, brightly coloured and scented. But the flowering period is not long, usually about 3 days. Bamboo is a very easy-to-growth orchid, and it has even become a local wild orchid in Hawaii. Now, through the efforts of breeders, there are also some dwarf varieties available. Some varieties are only 15 cm tall at flowering and are very suitable for pot plants.

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