Common fertilizer simple identification method

There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers. After storage for a certain period of time, the labels on the packaging will become unclear or even unrecognizable. This will cause inconvenience to use. Here you will introduce simple identification methods for several commonly used chemical fertilizers.

1. Appearance identification: nitrogen fertilizer is slightly light brown except for lime nitrogen, other uniform white crystals, potassium is white crystals, but Canadian potash is red-brown. Phosphate fertilizers are generally powdery, mostly gray or gray.

2. Solubility identification method: In general, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are soluble in water, and phosphate fertilizers are only partially soluble in water or insoluble in water. Among them, calcium superphosphate is partially soluble in water and has a sour taste, while calcium, magnesium phosphate and phosphate rock are insoluble. water.

3. Reaction with alkaline: Take a little fertilizer and the same amount of raw and cooked lime mixed together, increase the grinding, can smell the pungent ammonia smell, it is nitrogenous nitrogen fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Otherwise it is ammonia-free fertilizer.

4. Combustion method: Put the material on a piece of iron plate and burn it on fire to observe: a lot of white smoke, ammonia odor, no residue, ammonium hydrogen phosphate; no melting, direct sublimation or decomposition, with sour taste Ammonium chloride; Soluble into liquid or semi-liquid, a large number of white burning, ammonia smell and pungent sulfur dioxide, residue yellow bubble, ammonium sulfate, no significant changes in fertilizer burning, but there is a crackling sound , dry fried beating, sprinkled in the fire, the flame was purple for the potash, which violently and violently dissolve in the water is very slow for the potassium sulfate, and vice versa for the potassium chloride, sprinkled on the burning charcoal on the role of nitric acid Potassium.

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