Diamond Rose (Figure)

Diamond rose is a variety of modern rose, Rosaceae, rose deciduous shrubs. Plants are clustered, erect, growing 30 cm to 50 cm tall, with prickles on stems, alternate pinnate leaves, and sharp serrations on the edges. The flowers are clustered on the top of the branches and are multi-headed. The flowers are double petals, with a diameter of about 3 cm. The colors are red, pink, yellow, etc., and they can bloom all year round under suitable conditions. Diamond rose hi warm and humid and sunny, air circulation environment, avoid dark and humid and poor ventilation, there is a certain degree of cold resistance, suitable for loose fertile, rich in humus, and drainage permeability of good neutral soil growth. The growing season can be maintained in outdoor sunny ventilation areas. Watering can be done to “see dry see wetness”. Basin soil water and excessive dryness are not conducive to plant growth. Every 7 days to 10 days, a decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer is applied. In summer, the plant growth is slow at high temperatures and the flowering is relatively rare. It can be maintained in a place with no direct sunlight and good ventilation, and no fertilization is required. Every time the flowers are cut off, the streaks and shoots are cut off in time, usually cutting from the upper 0.5 cm of the second or third compound leaf, so that it can be re-pumped and re-flowered. Every year in the beginning of winter, carry out heavy shearing, cut weak branches, cut other branches to 1/2 to 1/3, and in winter, plant the flowerpots outdoors in a sheltered sunny place or in a cold room for overwintering. The temperature should not be too high to avoid plant advances. Germination, affecting the growth of the coming year. In addition, it can be changed once before sprouting in the spring. The breeding of diamond roses can be carried out in combination with wadding. It is also possible to cut robust and substantial shoots in the meteorites or sandy soils about one week after the growth season, and keep the soil and air moist after insertion to avoid exposure to hot sun and it is easy to take root. Family can also reproduce with water. The diamond rose has a small plant shape, exquisite flowers and beautiful colors. It can be opened in the winter by artificial flowering. It is suitable for medium and small potted plants, balconies, gardens, etc. It can also be used for cut flowers.


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