Celosia, native to India, is widely cultivated throughout China and belongs to the genus Polygonaceae and the genus Ching. It is an annual herbaceous flower. Not cold, hot and hot, dry environment, taboo, hi fat, should be sunny, hi sandy soil, seeds have sown "feature." Celosia, stems erect, leaves alternate, entire, apex pointed, petiolate. In addition to green leaves, there are various colors such as dark red, yellow-green or red-green. Small flowers without petals, flowering from July to October. Celosia are spikes, fleshy, flattened, and twisted and folded, and are inflorescences that are gathered from many small flowers. The colors of celosia flowers are purple, red, yellow, white and orange.

Medical Cold Patch
Throat Pain Relief Patch
[Name] Medical Cold Patch
[Package Dimension] 36 round pieces
The Pain Relief Patch is composed of three layers, namely, backing lining, middle gel and protective film. It is free from pharmacological, immunological or metabolic ingredients.
[Scope of Application] For cold physiotherapy, closed soft tissue only.
The patches give fast acting pain relief for acute and chronic tonsillitis.
[How To Use a Patch]
Please follow the Schematic Diagram. One piece, one time.
The curing effect of each piece can last for 6-8 hours.
Do not apply the patch on the problematic skin, such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis,or in the eyes. People allergic to herbs and the pregnant are advised not to use the medication. If swelling or irritation occurs, please stop using and if any of these effects persist or worsen.notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Children using the patch must be supervised by adults.
[Storage Conditions] Store below 30c in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Throat Pain Relief Patch

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