S.uncinata (Desv.) Spring]

Also known as blue cypress, green fleece, originated in central, southern and southwestern provinces. Hi humid and semi-shade environment, often under the forest on the wet rocks, slopes or valleys in the jungle, afraid of strong direct sunlight, or easy to dry coke dead. Volatile herbs, main stem softly. The lateral leaves are oblong, the apical apex, the base is round, the middle leaf is ovate, the apex is acuminate, the base is near heart-shaped, and the entire edge has a transparent white border. Chuiyun grass leaves dense, with blue-green fluorescence, very beautiful. It is advisable to plant desks, windowsills and floors.

Sweetener Solutions
Usually, the high-intensity Sweeteners do not use singly. In order to get better taste, sweeteners sometimes are used as Mixture Sweetener in the food. We also provide professional Sweetener solutions and various customized services. According to customers` requirement, no matter in design, research or production, we are committed to creating a new experience of sweetness and healthiness for consumer with you. In fact, sweetener blends are good choice once you have problem by using single sweetener, they have more advantages, and like blends of Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium can improve the sweetness level and our Neotame based blends can save more production cost.

NovoSweet solutions will help you to rearrange the formula, to ensure it meets the requirements of you and your customers. It will bring you a more delicious product, and make you become more competitive.

Sweetener Solutions


Sweetener Solutions

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