Scientific name Weigela florida English name Oldfashioned Weigela Alias ​​Amorphophallus, Azollaeaceae Morphomorphaceae deciduous shrub. Young shoots are pilose. Leaves opposite, shortly stipitate, leaf blade elliptic or ovate-elliptic, margin serrate. Corolla funnel-shaped bell-shaped, rose-red, lighter inside, flowers 1 ~ 4 flowers forming cymes, was born at the top of the branchlets or leafhoppers. Flowering May to June. Capsules columnar, seeds are small. The fruit period is October. Replanting the main points of ramets, cuttings or layering. The transplanted ramets can be combined in early spring. In the spring of February-March, annual mature branches are used for cuttings in open field, or semi-woody twigs are used in June-July to cut under shade. May be pressed in June. Seedlings are planted in spring and autumn, and soil ball is needed in summer. Every year in the early spring after planting, compost compost and repair old branches. A brief history of cultivation and flower culture. The poems of Wang Song of the Song Dynasty: "What year was transplanted in the family, a cluster of soft strips adorned Caixia ...." Describes Jinhua branches long, flowery. Yang Wanli's poems of the Song Dynasty: "Women's wind shuttle weaving machine, Bies on the ground Litchi, He had tied the spring tossing feet, only to solve the long customers off hate eyebrows, Xiaoshu Weifang also got poetry." Describe the flowers like fairy with The woven ribbon of the escort woven out of the scented skein was sleek and fragile and adorned with safflowers. Although the beauty of the flower could not be kept in the spring, only the jewel-like flowers on the jade ribbon remained as an ornament. Jinhua flowers are often planted on the corners of parks and parks. They can also be planted on the edge of the forest and on the edge of the trees as natural hedges and flowers. These flowers are dotted along the rocks and are also suitable for planting on hillside. Kelp flowers are resistant to hydrogen chloride and are good anti-pollution species. Flowering branches are available for bottle insertion.

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