Red valerian green grass

Alias: French Apianthaceae name: Amaranthaceae Scientific name: Altemanthera Paronychioides (green grass), cv, picta (red valerian) Origin: Green grassland is produced in Brazil, and red valerian is cultivated. Morphology: perennial herb height crown: 5cm-15cm10-20cm. There are two kinds of upright and hanging. Texture: thin color: red oak grass leaves green, red flash copper leaves, spring and summer season turned into blush or pink. Green grass stems and leaves are green, but also yellow, milky white mosaic. Light: Positive plants, need strong light. Fertility suitable temperature: 20-30 °C Growth characteristics: strong health, hi-temperature, drought and shear. Propagation is easy, and cutting stems and leaves directly and cutting them in the planting area can survive. Planting greenhouses in eastern China requires wintering.

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