Large flower rhino horn

Scientific name: Stapelia grandiflora

Family Genus:Rosaceae

Morphology: Perennial succulent, plant clustered, leafless, Quito branches, scalloped fleshy green stems, ca. 15 to 20 cm tall, dentate ribs and very short fur. The buds are airbag-shaped, with 1 to 3 flowers growing from the base of the tender stem. The flowers are 5 cracked and open like a star. The diameter is about 15 cm. The flower is yellowish. There are dark purple stripes and silk hairs in the petals. The flowering season is summer and autumn.

Distribution: native South Africa, fleshy stems upright and healthy, flowers shaped like a starfish, suitable for ornamental plants.

Conservation: Hi warm and dry and sunny environment, resistant to drought and half shade, not cold, avoid water, suitable for growth in fertile and well-drained sandy soil. Common ramets or cutting propagation.

Name:Hollow Pullulan Capsule

Major components:Pullulan and purified water

Character:The product is cylindrical and is made of two hard and elastic empty sacs made up of two sets of cap and body. The bag is smooth, uniform in color, smooth in incision, free of deformation, non-toxic and harmless, and is no odor

Pullulan: It is a natural extracts involving no toxic chemicals and edible, bland and tasteless organic.The chief commercial use of pullulan is in the manufacture of edible films.It is known by the E number E1204,as a food additive. 

Function:  Used for containing solid drugs. Isolation of herbs


Store:Keep in a cool, dry, airtight place

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