Eating too much sugar easily breaks bones

The existence of sweets is always a temptation for us. The World Health Organization (WHO) has investigated the causes of death of the population in 23 countries and concluded that: Sugar is more harmful than smoking. Long-term consumption of high-sugar foods will significantly shorten people's life expectancy and proposes " Sugar slogan. However, in recent years, the consumption of sugar by the Chinese has remained high, and the harm of sugar has not yet been recognized by more people.

It is difficult to refuse sugar altogether. So in the daily life, how much sugar do we eat? The nutritionists recommend the daily intake of sugar is about 30-40 grams, that is, do not exceed 10% of the total daily carbohydrate intake.

Excessive sugar consumption can cause fractures. The refined sugar has a very high purity and can reach ~1J99% or more, which means that it contains almost no other nutrients and only a large amount of energy. If you eat more sweets, people will feel full because of too much energy intake, affecting the intake of other foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Over time, it will lead to diseases such as nutritional deficiencies, developmental disorders and obesity.

On the other hand, the metabolism of white sugar in the body needs to consume a variety of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, regular sugar consumption can cause nutritional problems such as lack of vitamins, calcium deficiency, and potassium deficiency. American nutritionists point out that the elderly who love sweets have a high fracture rate. (From "Shanghai Public Health News")

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