How much is the nutritional value of oiled wheat dish?

Oil and wheat dishes, also known as buckwheat dishes, bitter herbs, and sirloin lettuce, are not only special in taste but also excellent in nutrition. The nutritional value of oiled wheat is similar to that of lettuce, but higher than that of lettuce, but also higher than its close relative, lettuce. The protein content of lettuce is 40% higher than lettuce, 1.4 times higher carotene content, twice higher calcium content and 33% higher iron content. The oil-vegetable green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron. The contents of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C are not low, so it is said to be the top grade in "raw raw vegetables."

â–  Little-known: medicinal efficacy is also extraordinary

The oiled wheat dish also has a certain therapeutic effect. It has a positive effect in reducing cholesterol, treating neurasthenia, dehumidifying and moistening the lungs, especially the high vitamin C content of the oiled wheat dish, and vitamin C is used to treat scurvy and prevent arterial disease. Hardening, antioxidant, etc. have a significant effect.

â–  Nutritional methods: fried and eat

The oiled wheat dish can be eaten raw and stir-fried. Because its water content is lower than lettuce, it shrinks less when cooking. However, when frying the oily food, remember that time cannot be too long and you can break it, otherwise it will affect the taste and bright color of the dish. Since oil and wheat are very "allergic" to ethylene, they should be kept away from apples, pears, and bananas as much as possible to avoid inducing reddish brown spots. Also to be reminded that the cold and cold nature of the oil-based wheat dish, therefore, people with frequent urination and cold stomach should not eat more.

Data supplement: The edible portion of 100 grams of oiled wheat dish is 81 grams, which contains 1.4 grams of protein, 0.4 grams of fat, 0. 6 grams of dietary fiber, and 2.1 grams of carbohydrates. Calcium is 70 milligrams, iron is 1.2 milligrams, vitamins are 220 milligrams, and carotene is 360 micrograms. These nutrients are all high in green leafy vegetables.

The nutritional value of these oil and wheat dishes is little known. After understanding the nutritional value of oiled wheat dishes, I believe you will like it more.

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