What are the nutritional values ​​of celery?

1. Clearing the Heat

Chinese medicine practitioners recommend that celery should be eaten properly in summer because it has the effect of removing heat and irritating the body. Many people often experience various upsets and symptoms of getting angry in the summer. These symptoms will bring great inconvenience to our daily life and work, so eating more celery is an effective way to deal with these symptoms.

In addition to celery heat can be annoying, in daily life, eat more celery can also play a very good Pinggan, Lee water swelling, cooling blood to stop bleeding. At the same time, it has a good effect and efficacy on headaches, dizziness, hot and thirst and other symptoms caused by high blood pressure. At the same time many people do not know, in fact, eat more celery can also effectively treat women with irregular menstruation symptoms.

2. Hypolipidemic

Celery has very good pharmacological and therapeutic value. After research, it has been found that celery has a good effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat. It can be said that the whole body of celery is a treasure, not only has a good pharmacological effect of roots and stems, at the same time, its leaves and seeds can be used as medicine. Therefore, experts recommend that patients with high blood pressure and high blood lipids should eat celery in their daily lives in order to regulate blood lipids.

And celery also contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, so regular consumption of celery can play a very good role in sedation and protection of blood vessels, but also can quickly enhance the bones, for the elderly can be a good prevention of osteoporosis .

3. Gan Liang Qing Wei

Chinese medicine in China pointed out that celery has a good cool and clear stomach, especially for the bad summer appetite caused by the hot weather and indigestion have a great therapeutic effect. Many people often suffer from loss of appetite after entering the summer. Appropriate consumption of celery at this time can not only effectively increase appetite, but also the crude fiber in celery can promote gastrointestinal motility and promote digestion.

The benefits of eating celery in the summer are very high. This shows how high the nutritional value of celery is. The benefits of eating celery are not only Ganliang and Qingwei, but also have the enthusiasm of hot oil, guchi, throat, eyesight, nourishing qi, and blood. Spleen and other effects.

4. Supplementary nutrition

Frequently eating celery can absorb and supplement various nutrients needed by the human body in time to maintain normal physiological function. Therefore, celery has the effect of enhancing human body resistance. Celery is not only suitable for summer consumption, but also has good benefits in the cold winter. Many people often have symptoms of dry mouth, wheezing and other symptoms of discomfort in the winter, and proper celery consumption can be effective at this time. Relieve the symptoms of these discomforts.

And often eat celery also has the efficacy of heat and detoxification, rickets and physical illness, our body's toxins need to be promptly discharged, so that it will not cause harm to the human body, and celery rich in crude fiber has the effect of detoxification. The nutritional value of celery is very high. We may wish to eat more in our daily life.

5. Calcium, iron

If we lack calcium, iron and other nutrients in our body, it will lead to excessive anger, rough skin and insomnia. If these symptoms are not effectively conditioned for a long time, they will inevitably cause serious influences. Therefore, experts suggest that people with these symptoms should eat more celery in their daily lives to supplement calcium, iron and other minerals.

The nutritional value of these celery is very common in daily life. If you want to get more nutrition from celery, you may wish to use celery as a juice and drink it so that the human body can better absorb the nutrition of celery.

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