The nutritional value of longan

Longan nutritional value

1, longan contains a variety of nutrients, there is blood and soothe the nerves, brain puzzle, nourishing heart and spleen effect;

2. The study found that the inhibition rate of longan on uterine cancer cells was over 90%. Women's menopause was a stage where gynecological tumors were well-developed, and proper eating of longan was beneficial to health.

3, longan has a tonic effect, the need for nursed back to health and physical weakness after the patient has an adjuvant effect.

For people

suitable for majority of the people

1, suitable for frail elderly, poor memory, dizziness, insomnia, women eat;

2. It is unfit for human consumption when there is an inflammation of the upper body and should not be eaten too much after pregnancy.


Longan sweet, warm; heart, spleen;

There are appetizers, nourishing blood, benefiting the spleen, replenishing the nerves, and replenishing long-term efficacy;

It can treat anaemia and dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, and even mental disorders caused by lack of nicotinic acid, and at the same time has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells.

Other related

Longan is native to southern China and is one of the subtropical fruits. It was cultivated before the Han Dynasty. Legend has it that Zhao Yue, a king of South Vietnam, had given tribute to the Han Emperor with a longan. The "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" contains the longan "Long service, smart, smart, and light." "Southern grass-like form" states that "Wei Wendi summoned the ministers: the real fruit of the South, with longan and litchi," and gave a detailed description of his life and form. Regarding its health effects, Li Shizhen said that "food is litchi for the United States, and longevity is good for the benefits." There are also many records in the country. This is one of the commonly used nourishing foods for the people.


1, the purchase should pay attention to identify with the crazy fruit phase, crazy fruit is also called dragonfly, toxic, its shell is smoother than the longan, there is no real longan scale-like shell, pulp sticky, not easy to peel, there is no longan meat Resilience, with only a bit of bitter sweetness;

2. The longan should be eaten as fresh fruit, and the taste of the fruit should not be eaten;

3. Some domestic scholars have published long-term anti-aging papers, suggesting that longan will become a rare anti-aging food.

About the introduction of longan so much, but for eating longan more note weight, a small amount of supplement, eat more will get angry.

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