Edible fungus artificial inoculation technology

The artificial inoculation of Duanmu is to connect the cultivated cultivar to Duanmu. Inoculation is an important step in the cultivation of Duanmu Duanmu. The quality of inoculation will directly affect the yield and quality of Auricularia auricula. Therefore, we must pay great attention to it.

1. Inoculation method of woody smut species: There are three continuous processes of inoculating acupuncture points, placing bacilli, and covering bark caps. When inoculating, according to different conditions in different places, you can use electric drill, hand drill or belt punch to inoculate points. When hitting a hole, the plant should be densely planted. Generally, four holes are drilled, and the hole distance is 8 to 10 cm, and the spacing is 5 to 7 cm. As the mycelium grows and extends in the section wood, the longitudinal direction is greater than the transverse direction, so the hole distance should be greater than the row spacing; the hole depth is 1.5~1.8cm, the xylem must be 1.2~1.5cm, the diameter of the hole is 1.2~1.5cm, and the hole should be away from the section. About 5cm on both ends of the wood, the lines and lines are staggered into a "goods" shape. The thick section of wood can be dense, and the section of wood can be sparse. When inoculating the hole, prepare the bark cover and the diameter of the cover should be more than 2mm.

After inoculating the hole, use a small, iron-toothed spatula to dig out the cultivated wood pellets to fill the holes in the hole and fill it until it is full. Then squeeze it tightly and cover it with a bark lid cooked with water. Use a hammer to fight tightly, make the bark cover close to the ears and make the surface full. Bark cover can not be too large, it can not be too small, small covered in the hole easy to fall off or easily depressed after hammering, water, causing fungus strains rotten; large cover easy to protrude on the hole, it is also easy Touch off, can cause strains to dry or eaten by pests, reducing the survival rate of strains. You can also use paraffin wax to seal the hole (take 7 parts of paraffin, 2 parts of rosin, 1 part of lard, heat and melt. When slightly cool, apply with a brush).

2. Inoculation method for shoot strains: Inoculate the wood with seedlings inoculated with shoot strains. The spacing and distance between the points and the woody strains are the same. The depth and diameter of the strains must be determined according to the size of the strains. When inoculating, first fill in a small amount of woody bacteria species at the bottom of the hole, then take one strain of bacteria and insert it in a suitable hole and hammer it with a hammer to make the branches stick to the surface of the ears. The gap between the shoots and the hole is required to prevent the strains from drying up or water in the rain, causing bacterial infection and mold deterioration.

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