Often mouth ulcers eat what fruit is good

Oral ulcers are very common in our daily lives. Therefore, knowing what kind of fruit is good for oral ulcers is especially important for patients with recurrent attacks. Although oral ulcers are common, they seriously affect our lives. Knowing that oral ulcers are good for eating fruits can help us to effectively and quickly relieve and treat them.



The autumn climate is mainly dry, and this season is the high incidence of the upper fire. There are many symptoms of various kinds of ignition, such as acne, nosebleeds, swelling of the gums, among which the most common are oral ulcers. For these symptoms, the expert reminded that in normal life, we should eat more foods rich in vitamins and water, so as to effectively prevent and treat a variety of symptoms. Especially vitamin B and water, these two substances are very important for oral ulcers, not only can effectively prevent but also treat ulcers.

Regardless of whether you have oral ulcers or gastric ulcers, you should eat more foods that promote ulcer recovery during illness, such as pears, which contain very rich nutrients and are ideal for such an easy task. The season of fire is edible.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is also a good medicine for patients with oral ulcers. Experts advise patients suffering from oral ulcers that they should eat more watermelon during the disease. It has a very good therapeutic effect on the oral cavity. The nutrients contained in the watermelon are very rich, so the patient can squeeze the watermelon squash out of the juice, and then put the melon juice in the mouth, swallow or spit it out after about 2 to 3 minutes, and then contain the watermelon juice again. Has a good treatment and control of oral ulcers. At the same time, watermelon also has a good diuretic effect, so as to play the role of detoxification and fire.

It can be said that watermelon has a great effect on the healing of oral ulcers, but diabetics should pay attention to avoid eating as much as possible, because in the watermelon contains a lot of sugar, if too much food is used, it will probably lead to elevated blood sugar, is not conducive to Condition control.

3. Apple

Oral ulcer patients can also eat more apples during their illness. Apple has been recognized as a nutritional fruit by nutrition experts. Eating in peacetime can also effectively enhance our body's immunity and disease resistance. And apple also has a very good efficacy in treating oral ulcers. The reason for this is because apples contain extremely rich vitamins, which is very important for the treatment of oral ulcers, in addition to the dietary fiber contained in apples. It can also help us to effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and thus have the effect of detoxification.

Patients with oral ulcers can take an apple and slice it into a container, then add cold water and heat until it is boiled, wait until it's cool, and then eat it with the wine and eat it in the mouth for a while. It can be cured in a few days. In the face of oral ulcers to eat what is a good fruit, Apple is undoubtedly a good choice.

4. Peaches

Patients in the ordinary life must eat more foods rich in vitamin b, which has a great effect on the treatment of oral ulcers. There are many foods rich in vitamin B in life, among which peaches are the most abundant. Eating peaches often not only has the effect of treating oral ulcers, but also helps us effectively prevent other symptoms of getting angry. Although peaches have a good effect on oral ulcers, they should be taken care of when eaten. They must be moderate because excessive eating of peaches is not good for the stomach, and may even cause gastrointestinal problems.

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