The function of winter walnut tree white coating and commonly used formula

After entering the winter, the walnut tree is a very important measure in combination with pastoral cleansing, pruning, and fertilizer management to whiten the walnut trees. It has the function of preventing and treating common diseases and insect pests, such as natural calf, walnut pit moth, rot and dry rot. , but also to prevent sunburn, frostbite, livestock bite and other effects. The commonly used formula for whitening agents is:

1, Lime 10 kg, salt 2.5 kg, sulfur (or copper sulfate) 1.5 kg, animal oil 0.2 kg, soybean flour or flour 0.1 kg, 36 kg of clear water. In the preparation, various raw materials are first opened with hot water, and then mixed thoroughly with stirring.

2, 20 kg of quicklime, 1 kg of copper sulfate, 50 kg of water. Dissolve copper sulfate with appropriate amount of hot water and dilute it with water. The quicklime will be hydrated and turned into milky. When mixing, dilute the good copper sulfate into lime milk and mix well.

With a good concentration to apply to the trunk does not flow down, do not stick into the group as a standard, when brushing white must be uniform and tight. Within one year, the new plantlet leaves the whole tree outside the shoot with white, and the main stem below the first main branch can be applied for more than two years.

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