Where should dye oranges go?

Where should dye oranges go? The girls love to dress up to attract everyone's attention. Unexpectedly, the oranges also "beautied" and put on beautiful red dresses early on.

On November 12th, at a fruit stand near the north exit of Shanshi East Road in Jinan, there were bright oranges, large heads, and red and bright oranges that people watched selling. They bought a bag very refreshingly. As a result, when he peeled his orange home, he suddenly found that his head was dyed with "red potion." Afterwards, rubbing the orange with a paper towel will also find a red stain on the white paper towel.

Although the market checks every batch of oranges, although there are hundreds of oranges on the dike road fruit wholesale market that are rejected for dyeing, there are still many fish that escape the net. The most important thing is that most people choose red oranges when choosing oranges, and there is absolutely no sense of food safety.

So, does the red dye on the oranges harm the human body?

Xiao Bian remembered that as early as 2004, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" had exposed dyed oranges. At that time, it was stated that if the dyeing time is too long and the amount of dyeing is large, the pigment may permeate into the flesh from the peel and be harmful to health after eating.

The autumn season is indeed a good time for oranges to be listed, but Xiaobian is here to remind friends that not all long “good-looking” oranges are oranges that can be eaten. Beware of oranges that “make up”!

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