Greenhouse vegetable downy mildew prevention and control technology

Winter vegetable production has become one of the important ways for farmers in Yunxiao County to increase their income. The cultivation of greenhouses has increased the yield and quality of vegetables. Cucumber is the main cultivar of greenhouse vegetables. Since the application of greenhouses has changed the microclimate and ecological environment in the field, high temperature and high humidity are extremely beneficial. Downy mildew occurs. Therefore, prevention and control of downy mildew is an essential task for cucumber production management.

The prevention and control technology of cucumber downy mildew should be combined with chemical control and agricultural control. First of all, according to the climatic conditions, do a good job ventilation and ventilation work in greenhouses, reduce the humidity in the field; timely removal of the old cucumber leaves, to reduce the re-infection. Second, choose a good type of agent, the right medicine. At present, commonly used pharmaceutical agents can be used: Propocarb, nitrilazole, Ami colorful, etc. Note that the use of drugs should be used alternately to improve the control effect.

Food Grade

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