What are the aphrodisiac foods suitable for winter?

Many men with sexual dysfunction find it difficult to have a look at the world's famous doctors. In fact, it is not difficult to think of impotence. Many aphrodisiac foods around us have good conditioning effects. Especially in winter, the effects of aphrodisiac are even more pronounced. Therefore, men with this requirement may wish to eat more of the following foods:


Donkey meat

As the saying goes, "The dragon meat in the sky," donkey meat has always been a very popular food in our country, and donkey meat is more delicate and delicious than beef. Especially in northern China, the habit of eating donkey meat, nutrition experts pointed out that donkey meat is a high-protein, low-fat, low-cholesterol meat food, it is very suitable for modern people's health concept. Moreover, the nutrients contained in the donkey are very rich. Each kilogram contains 18.6 grams of protein, 0.7 grams of fat, 10 milligrams of calcium, and 144 milligrams of phosphorus. There are also a large number of trace elements.

Donkey meat not only has very high nutritional value, but also has a very high medicinal value. 250 grams of donkey meat is washed and cut into small pieces, boiled, and seasoned with appropriate amount of soybean meal, allspice, and salt, and boiled before eating. can. Appropriate to eat more donkey meat can play a good replenishing blood and soothe the nerves function, especially for male impotence and other sexual dysfunction more conditioning effects.

2. Dog meat

Dog meat is also a very common food in our country. Compared with other meat products, dog meat is more delicate and tender. In addition, the nutritional value of dog meat is also very high. Not only is there a lot of protein, fat, but also carnosine and potassium, sodium, chlorine and other substances, so the appropriate food for the human body is very nutritious. Especially suitable for consumption in the winter, this is due to the large amount of amino acids and lipids contained in the dog meat, which can produce higher calories after eating and thus have the effect of improving cold resistance.

Chinese medicine in China pointed out that dog meat is warm, not only can play a good role in the spleen, but at the same time is still very effective aphrodisiac food for men. In particular, middle-aged and elderly people suffering from kidney deficiency, deafness, enuresis and other symptoms should eat more dog meat in their daily lives. Black bean stew and dog meat are the most classic collocations.

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