Eat red beans in summer to eliminate heart edema

Chinese medicine believes that the summer is a fire in the Five Elements, and the corresponding organs are the heart. Therefore, summer health care focuses on raising the heart. Summer temperatures are high, the inflammation of the fire easily grows sores and bruises; heat injury, anger and dark work, often manifested as dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia, irritability and Other symptoms; summer wet weight, poor heart, it is easy to spleen edema.

Red bean, also known as Chixiaodou, is good for down, can clear heat, dampness, swelling, detoxification, pure heart Chufan, blood and soothe the nerves. And red bean itself is not high in calories, rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and other active ingredients, is a typical high-potassium food. In summer, when sweating is excessive, people's appetites are not good, and when potassium ions are lost too much and cannot be supplemented in time, severe cases can cause myocardial paralysis and endanger life.

Red beans can be taken into the soup or made into summer refreshing desserts. Besides increasing appetite, they can also be supplemented with potassium ions to avoid hypokalemia in summer.

In addition, in the late summer, people sweat less urine, especially the elderly with poor heart and kidney function, more prone to edema of the lower extremities.

Red beans and squid or squid are served together with soup. They have good diuretic effect, and are also a cure for beriberi, ascites, and drowsiness.

The efficacy of red beans Yang Xin has been recognized by medical experts since ancient times, five colors with five internal organs, red beans color red, red into the heart, so Li Shizhen called the red beans "Heart of the Valley", emphasizing the red bean's cardiotonic efficacy.

From the clinical point of view, red beans can both clear the fire, but also make up their minds. Its crude fiber material is rich in clinical help to reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure, improve heart function and other effects; at the same time it is rich in iron, can gas blood, very suitable for women with blood deficiency.

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