Which oil is more suitable for you

Every time I walk into the supermarket, olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and blended oil are all packed with edible oils. What are their nutritional characteristics? Which is your right choice?

â—Ž Flaxseed oil

Rich in linolenic acid, accounting for more than 50%, is the most brain food on land. Choose organic cold-pressed linseed oil for salad or soup. Suitable for everyone, especially for students, mental workers, and cardiovascular patients.

â—Ž Olive oil

The monounsaturated fatty acid contained in olive oil is the highest of all edible oils, accounting for more than 80%, and relatively stable; it can reduce low density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increase high density cholesterol (good cholesterol), so it is recognized In order to prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the incidence of gallstones, vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and has a superb skin benefit. Choose cold-pressed olive oil for salad, soup or stir-fry. Suitable for all people, especially those with dyslipidemia and beauty.

â—Ž tea seed oil

It is rich in monounsaturated fats, about 80%. Because its fatty acid composition is similar to that of olive oil, it is called “Oriental Olive Oil” and it is one of the more popular healthy oils recently.

â—Ž corn oil

Rich in linoleic acid, accounting for more than 50%, about 100 times the content of linolenic acid, and some of them contain genetically modified components. Corn oil is nutritious and easily absorbed by the body, making it suitable for the elderly. In addition, corn oil has a very low cholesterol content, which is also very helpful in maintaining human cardiovascular health.

â—Ž salad oil

Excessively refined, lacking nutrition and containing more genetically modified ingredients. For health considerations, long-term consumption is not recommended.

â—Ž Peanut oil

Relatively rich in monounsaturated fats, about 40%, relatively close to olive oil, not only rich in nutrients, but also suitable for Chinese people to cook, is currently one of our urban residents' favorite cooking oil.

â—ŽSoybean oil

Relatively rich in linolenic acid, accounting for about 8%, more than one-seventh of the content of linoleic acid, but many contain genetically modified ingredients, there are hidden health problems, it is not recommended that a large number of long-term consumption.

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